Ground Line Vehicles

These vehicles are designed to quickly and easily transport concrete to pours that are inaccessible to an HGV. Wet mixed concrete is discharged into the pump’s hopper and pumped through a pipe to the pour site.

A ground line pump will transport concrete, around 1m³ per minute, up to 150 metres along the ground and over and around smaller obstructions and elevations.

Our fully trained pump operators will arrive at your site and lay down the required pipeline in preparation for a concrete mixer to pour directly into the pump’s hopper. The pump also has a water supply for washing down pipes, and can be washed out into a wheelbarrow without issue.

  • Superior concrete boom pumps delivered straight to your site
  • Fantastic solution for environments with access issues
  • Able to pump concrete through and around buildings
  • Pipes can reach up to 150 metres in length
  • Make delivering concrete quicker, cleaner and safer
  • Reduce the amount of labour and time needed compared to pushing wheelbarrows.