Technical Information

Our concrete pumping service in London UK  is the perfect solution for projects with access issues. Whether your site or home is at the top of a hill, obstructed by other buildings or situated down a restricted road, concrete pump hire will provide an efficient, highly effective method of concrete transportation.

Much quicker, cleaner and safer than other methods of transporting concrete (such as wheelbarrows and dumpers), our innovative fleet of concrete pumps can be used to transport concrete between any two destinations. Our pumps can reach even the most difficult of locations – including through and over properties – completely removing the labour, time and costs associated with traditional concrete transportation.

A ground line pump will transport concrete up to 150 metres along the ground. We also supply a range of boom pumps, which are available in a variety of sizes. Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable pump hire contract for your needs, assessing how much concrete you will be pumping and the distance you will require the pump to reach before we arrive.

So wherever you’re based in Croydon or the wider London area, if you require a professional, affordable concrete pump hire service, simply get in touch with the experts at Pro-Mix Concrete Ltd today!

  • Superior standard concrete pumps delivered straight to your site
  • Fantastic solution for environments with access issues
  • Able to pump concrete through, round and over buildings
  • Pumps can transport concrete up to 150 metres
  • Make delivering concrete quicker, cleaner and safer
  • Both ground line pumps and boom pumps available