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Concrete Pump Cost

Concrete pumping is a highly effective way to ensure that concrete is delivered directly where you need it – ideal for all domestic or commercial building projects.

Here at PRO-MIX CONCRETE LTD, we have a range of concrete pump hire, which will allow our clients to select the services according to their budget and their need and with the ability to pump horizontally and 150 meters vertically, creating a no-mess, no-fuss method of transporting concrete around your site without the need for a wheelbarrow and dumper trucks.

Concrete pumps provide great flexibility, allowing concrete to be transported around any obstacles and even from one floor to another. Hiring a pump gives you a more efficient and safe way of placing your concrete the convenience of having access to pumped concrete for the duration of your project. We advise as the best way to use all of our services and the Concrete pumping hire, and the experts at Pro-Mix Concrete are on hand to provide tips.



Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

Concrete Pump Hire in London & The South East:

Pro-Mix Concrete specializes in concrete pumping throughout London and the southeast. We cater for all types of projects large and small for more information contact our friendly team today and find out our Concrete pumping according to your project needs.

Why Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping provides the benefit of pouring the concrete faster than the traditional ways of pouring the concrete. With this method, you will be able to control and bring down the cost and the labor can be delegated for other purposes. At PRO-MIX CONCRETE LTD we do provide different plans for Concrete pumping hire. With the help of this method, the process of mixing the concrete has become more convenient and less time consuming as well. Concrete pumping is best for large projects due to its cost-effectiveness and the same consistency and the quality throughout the project.

Concrete Pumping and Their Costs

Considering to utilize the method of concrete pumping might put the contractors in the dilemma whether the use this procedure of concrete pumping or not because of the concrete pump hire. There are several factors which will make you realize that pouring concrete through a pump eventually benefits the construction process.

Savings on Labor

These days most of the contractors working on the big construction projects prefer the use of concrete pumps. In big projects where a large amount of concrete is needed by adopting this method, you can drastically cut down the labor costs. One of very best and economic use of this method is the capability to pour the concrete right in the area where pour is required no matter how difficult it might be to reach with concrete pumps the whole pouring process will become much easier. Contact our team of professional if you want to know more information on concrete pump hire.

Enhance the Speed of Your Construction Process

While utilizing the services of concrete pump you can deploy the labor for some other tasks which will eventually speed up the whole process. With the help of the concrete pump, the concrete which is poured is more efficient which will reduce the total time to pour the concrete as compared with the traditional methods.  PRO-MIX CONCRETE LTD has worked on several different types of project and our team takes pride to work with challenging projects. No matter how difficult the area to pour the concrete might be with the help of the concrete pump we will make the job easy. If you are in a search of concrete pump hire cost then contact us today for more information. If you want to know, what is Concrete pumping cost in UK? We offer low concrete pump hire cost services. Feel free to Contact us for more info or visit here

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