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Liquid Screed Supplier

Liquid Screed Supplier

Along with many other concrete services we do provide the services of liquid screed in most areas of London. It is one of the most efficient ways to get most out of your heating system under the floor, as it helps and acts to be a good heat conductor and even distribution of the heat. Ultimately it helps to save up on your heating cost. AT PRO-MIX CONCRETE we have been delivering our services from years now and we are among the most trusted and reliable Liquid screed suppliers in London. Even if there is no heating system available, the liquid screed is a good option for internal flooring as compared to the old and traditional methods. For more information regarding our Liquid screed supplier services, you can contact us at any time.

Quality that we deliver

The quality that we deliver at PRO-MIX CONCRETE is designed to withstand all the conditions that it should as well as to achieve outstanding results. We have been providing our excellent Liquid screed supplier services in London from last 15 years which has enabled us to maintain our reputation in the market. Many construction contractor and managers prefer our services and have always made us their first choice whether they are in need of Liquid screed suppliers in London or our other concrete services.

Our liquid screed is made of …

The liquid screed that we deliver at PRO-MIX CONCRETE is made up of blended cement, sand, limestone, dust and water. Depending on project to project we have also included admixtures such as anti-crack fibers and anti-shrink agents to improve the strength, durability and resistance of our liquid screed against deformation and a superplasticizer for the best workability and longevity. PRO-MIX CONCRETE has the experience tools and equipment to deliver you the best quality if you are in a search of Liquid screed suppliers in London.

Why You Should use Liquid Screed
  • By using liquid screed it will help to do away with the need to seal the floor prior to laying the latex as per the demand of the project.
  • It will help to improve the underlying heating system to spread the heat proportionally.
  • With the help of liquid screed, it reduces the risk of cracking, curling issues and shrinkage problems.
  • The end result gives a smooth and even finish.

You can contact us for your entire liquid screed requirement. At PRO-MIX CONCRETE we have the right team of professionals and the exceptional quality. Contact us to find out more information about our Liquid screed supplier services.

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