Pay less, get more: – Premix Concrete in London

We understand your value for money and the lack of time, which is why our approach is to provide you with the best quality in minimal time. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to save your time or money, Pro-mix Concrete can be the best for both. It not only saves your time but also reduces the cost of transportation of the bags, renting a mixture and the cost to hire people to do the mixing. If not about all that, it also guarantees you good quality with consistency.


Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

Ready Mix Concrete in London

Ready Mix concrete is prepared in a batching plant at a large mass. The plant is capable of producing different grades and strengths of ready mix concrete and also keeps the quality and consistency the same.

We specialise in supplying a vast range of waterproof concrete, 1-4 floor screed with fibres liquid screed and all other grades of ready mix concrete ranging from C10-C20-C25-C30-C35-C40-C50-C60 / RC-25 RC-35 RC-40 RC-50 / DC-1 DC-2 DC-3 DC-4

All our ready mix concrete is supplied to British standard BS EN 2061 BS 8500

If you are unsure about the quantity, you require Try our ready mix concrete calculator which is very helpful. Just enter your dimensions of the area to get an appropriate calculation of the volume you need.

You can even call our customer care team who will assist you with all your requirements and will support you through the entire process and can advise you on the right mixes for your project.

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