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For each and every construction work, you need to order the concrete mix as per the requirement and demands of the construction process. It really requires good knowledge and clear communication with your Premix cement suppliers. Pro-mix concrete is among the leading name in the premixed cement in the UK, and we have been helping our clients to get the perfect mix for each job and that’s why we are their preferred Premix cement suppliers. We do understand the consequences of ordering the wrong ratios of the premixed cement which might delay the progress of the construction process and will leave a negative impression on the reputation on the construction company or the contractor. Our experts at Pro-mix concrete have compiled a list of tips and tricks to follow when ordering the premixed cement.

Ordering the right amount:

Ordering too much concrete will be a waste of money and it will be environmentally not safe to dispose of the excess and on the other hand, buying too little might force you to hold the construction process due to the shortage. We have always recommended and advised our clients to order about 5- 10% more than calculated to compensate for wastage and grade variations, over-excavation, loss of entrained air, settlement and other changes in volume which are the common problems which might happen during the construction process.

The option of mixing on site:

It is highly recommended for big projects to order the premixed cement when it is required. As for the bigger project, it will be difficult to do the mixing on site and to maintain the required ratios needed for the construction process.

Transportation and delivery:

Ordering the premix concrete to your construction site requires careful planning and good coordination and communication with your supplier. Another very important tip is to order the premixed cement from a supplier which is the closest to your construction site to save the transportation costs. Do pay close attention to delivery times to your construction site and avoid scheduling and the deliveries during the rush hour.

How to avoid and minimize the costs:

Some suppliers do charge a certain percentage extra to deliver on the weekends. You can avoid that extra cost by scheduling your delivery dates on the working days of the week. Make sure that you prep your construction site before the delivery truck arrives. When your delivery is coming it should be ready to be poured and the driver must not be kept on waiting in case the construction site is not ready which might lead you to pay extra.

Extra Post-Ordering Tips:

Last but not least always keeps in mind the safety and security standards and keep them on priority. Cement is caustic; ensure that your team wears protective masks and clothing when pouring the concrete. Your workforce should wash off the concrete dust immediately after you are finished.

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