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How is buying ready mix concrete Reigate from Pro-mix concrete safe?

When ready mix concrete is bought by our clients, we deliver it in batches which have been made under controlled and safe conditions. By keeping in view the strength, exposure and conditions of ground the customers place their mix design order of ready mix concrete Reigate. The compressive strength of the concrete provided by us is verified by a number of lab tests and cube tests. Slump testing which shows how much force a concrete mixture can withstand and how much plasticity the concrete mix has.

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Admixtures and concrete performance

How a concrete mix performs and sets can be changed by the addition of admixtures. They make the concrete more durable by decreasing the need for water in the mixture and by adding air to the mixture to make the drying process speed up with ease and as a result the concrete mix plasticizes very quickly. We use the admixtures with extreme precision to give you the best results when applied on your construction site. Our experts treat the mixture with such keenness that there’s no need left for lab backups.

Easy to handle

The ready mix concrete Reigate provided by us is easy to carry and can be transported at distant locations easily. They can be transported by chute fixed trucks and are easily pumped out by concrete pumps. The lead time from batching to curing a concrete is less and our experts spend no more than 30 minutes in doing so. So the concrete that gets to our clients is flawless and has passed many tests to give strength to your buildings. The long life span of ready mix concrete helps the constructionists to apply it to a number of risky projects without the worry of collapsing.