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Moving one step ahead of cement, comes the ready mix concrete Wandsworth which is a cost saving alternative to materials such as cement, asphalt etc. this concrete mix has a high usage in projects which include construction of bridges, skyscrapers, etc. because the life span of this mixture is way more than that of other material. On average, a ready mix concrete bridge can withstand heavy traffic for up to 30 years without major damage or collapse.

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Ingredients of ready mix concrete:  

Ready mix concrete is used when the concrete cannot be produced on site due to the projects’ requirements. Cement, water, gravel, sand, Portland and other aggregate are mixed at various proportions to form this concrete. The particles are ground finely to give a finishing matte touch. Our provided concrete mixture gives improvement to the setting time and workability of the mixture. With the experts working at our plant, the mixture provided is very fine mixed with the accurate amounts of admixture.

Uses in construction:

Ready mix concrete is used in every construction project whether on a small scale or a large one. The concrete is delivered by us on the demand of customers and is also mixed according to the specs mentioned by our clients. The cost effectiveness of ready mix concrete is great because if your construction project is small, buying the mixing equipment, concrete pumps, hiring labor to mix the concrete and then storing the concrete as excessive inventory will cost you more as compared to directly buying ready mix concrete Wandsworth. For a high end project, the ready mix concrete when bought can save the clients from cost of quality checks and other testing and issues in supply chain etc. while mixing their concrete on site.