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The essential guide to floor screeding

Screed floor is the simple process of laying a blended mixture of cement with graded aggregates along with water to make a strong subfloor base and preparing a layer for the final floor. Though the whole process of screening might look simple it’s not simple as it sounds. The whole process has to carry out carefully as it is more than just to shovel cement and concrete. One of the most important steps in laying down the screed floor is the expertise and the ability of the workforce doing it. Correctly laid screed floor plays a very important role in the quality, longevity and durability of your finished floor. If it’s not done right the first time, later on it could turn out to be your worst nightmare and an additional big expense.

 There are some essential steps which will help anyone who is looking for a perfect flooring solution.

Hiring the right contractor:

The very first step in the process of your floor screeding will be hiring the right person for the job. You have to look the experience they have in-floor screeding, trained workforce, investigate the quality of materials they are using in their projects and are they familiar with the latest technologies and ways of floor screeding and heating systems.

Choosing the right type of screed:

The next step will be selecting the correct type of screed which meets your needs for example if you are looking for a screed along with the heating system, than the traditional floor screeding will be the best option for you. On the other side if you want the process to be completed in a very short time you might select the quick-drying screeds. It always better to consult your contractor which floor screed will be best suited for your needs.


The mixing process:

Whatever the mixing process you contractor is choosing make with your contractor that it will give you the desired results. There are different ways to mix the screeds and your contractor will select the way of mixing the screed as per the requirement of the current project.


Finished result

To get the finished quality result you have to make sure that the newly installed screed floor must not in use for complete one or two days, you should avoid putting heavy weights on it. To get the durability, longevity and a good finish you have to make sure that your screed floor is done right. And final step will be the desired flooring on top of the screed floor.


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