Boom Pump Vehicles

These vehicles are designed to transport concrete to pours that are particularly difficult to access. Or for “drop pouring” into larger areas from above.Wet mixed concrete is discharged into the pump’s hopper and pumped through a pipe, boom pumps feature a pipe attached to a hydraulically operated boom arm. The arm can be manipulated into the highest, lowest and tightest spots that a normal ground line pipe could never reach. They are ideal for jobs at height, or for pouring large slabs by hanging the pipe from directly above.

  • Superior concrete boom pumps delivered straight to your site
  • Fantastic solution for environments with access issues
  • Able to pump concrete in all directions – up, down, under and over!
  • Affordable, competitive prices
  • Various boom pumps available from 20 metres in length to 42 metres
  • Make delivering concrete quicker, cleaner and safer

We offer multiple Boom Pumps in varying sizes:

20m Pump

Ideal for sites with restricted access and limited set-up space.

24m Pump

Again ideal for working in restricted space. This machine with its 4 section configuration, gives you flexibility in restricted height areas.

26m Pump

Another compact boom pump.

31m Pump

Ideal machine for reaching into a low building with restricted head height. With the telescopic capabilities, reach can be maintained along with controlled placement of the pour.

34m Pump

This machine is designed for outside pours. With its reach, restrained set-up area, and high pump output, its ideal for all types of placement; ranging from small to large pours.

36m Pump

This is the mid-range pump with the most flexibility, reach, unfolding height, ZR boom configuration, and high out-put.

39m Pump

This is our longest reach boom on a standard 3 axles chassis. Enabling it to be positioned on site taking into account the vehicle length and weight, but still retaining the long reach boom capabilities.

42m Pump

This machine has a 4 section boom and is perfect for outside slabs which require long reach boom placement.