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C30 Concrete Mix

Pro-mix Concrete provides the most sought-after concrete mix for your commercial constructions with a 30 Newton strength. The C30 concrete mix ratio is devised especially for house foundations and extensions, and it stands hard for years. Moreover, it is also used in pavings, and that is why we refer to it as ‘the outdoor mix. Our C30 concrete mix is one of the most popular concrete in the UK, and consumers all across the country give it the highest ratings.

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Usage of C30 / PAV1 / ST3

It offers a range of applications due to its versatility and provides multiple ways for various building types. Suitable for domestic and industrial ventures, C30 is widely used for exterior structures.

  • Enhanced Longevity

  • Minute air pockets contribute to increased concrete longevity.

  • Delivers robustness to the material.

  • Particularly advantageous for robust exteriors.

  • Resistance to Freezing

  • Prevents deterioration caused by moisture-related stress during winters.

  • Air entrainment helps the concrete withstand freezing and thawing cycles.

What Sets Pro-Mix Concrete Apart?

  • Quality Assurance: Our cutting-edge batching and strict quality control ensure top-notch concrete.

  • Tailored Solutions: Expert-made custom mixes for peak project performance.

  • Greener Hub: Leading with advanced, eco-conscious concrete formulations.

  • On-Time Delivery: Punctual logistics maintain your work’s pace.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Place customer satisfaction at the forefront

  • Affordability: Offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

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The Durability of Remarkable C30

The intensity of concrete is assessed using measurements in both newtons and pounds per square inch (psi). This value indicates the minimum toughness that the concrete mix attains after 28 days from the time of pouring. For example, C30 concrete exhibits a sturdiness of 30 newtons after the 28-day curing period, signifying its appropriateness for a number of commercial uses.Various categories of mixed concrete are accessible, each contrasting in type and endurance. These sets are made to be used for multiple programs, from home to business settings. If you find yourself uncertain about the requisite potency for your project, our professionals hold the expertise to provide guidance and recommend the most fitting mix.Get innovative solutions as Pro-mix concrete operates beyond boundaries!

C30 concrete is really strong because it is made by mixing things together in just the right way. For every part of cement, we use 2 parts of fine sandy stuff and 3 parts of rough gravel. This special mix makes the concrete perfect for whatever you are building.

Yes, C30 concrete is suitable for roads due to its long-lasting nature. Its firmness of approximately 30 MPa makes it capable of withstanding traffic loads and environmental conditions. However, certain design considerations and local regulations should be followed to ensure the road’s performance.

In the term “C30 concrete,” the “C” stands for “Compressive Power,” and “30” represents how strong the concrete is. It is like a measure of how well the concrete can handle pressure and weight

Typically, a batching plant or a concrete mixer combines the ingredients for Concrete C30 in specific proportions to achieve the desired consistency.

During the mixing, water is gradually added to verify the proper humidification of the cement and the workability of the mixture.

After the concrete is placed, it needs to be cured to develop its strength. Basically, it involves maintaining adequate moisture and temperature state for the concrete to hydrate and harden over time. You can get this by using methods, for instance, wet curing, where you cover the concrete with wet burlap or plastic sheets and protect it from rapid evaporation.

Pro-mix Concrete is your trusted source for high-quality C30 mix, offering a seamless purchasing experience through online, phone, and in-person channels. Our materials undergo stringent testing to meet and exceed industry standards, guaranteeing that your C30 mix aligns perfectly with your project requirements.