C40 Concrete Mix Ratio

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Pro-Mix – Delivering Quality C40 Concrete Mix Ratio

C40 concrete mix ratio is designed before the mixing stage to check if it complies with the required strength of compression. As all clients know that concrete mixes are measured by grades and strengths with a withstanding force ability of 10N to 45N and all of the ranges are available at Pro-mix concrete. The concrete with a mix of C40 has a cement content in a high form and is added in the category of high-class products of concrete. This is only used when the client picks out strength to be the most important part of construction or application of concrete. 

Qualities and Characteristics of Concrete (C40)

This concrete mix is extremely strong and is able to withstand a force of 40 newton. This concrete mix shows its strength after 4 weeks of application and is the main choice of large construction projects especially industrial ones. 

We help our clients understand the concrete grading and which one will complement their application choice. So that they can make the right decision for the required job and our product in c40 grading gives a long-lasting finishing.

 It is also used in a variety of roadwork applications and agricultural yards.

Cement Fineness in Concrete Mixing

Some factors are influenced by how fine the cement is in the concrete. Some of these factors include;

  • Strength and hardening 
  • Hydration of the mix
  • How the mix sets
  • How much heat the concrete can absorb or withstand 

Having a fine cement can speed the process of hydration even if the surface area where the concrete is applied is large and the water contact area is also on the large side. The concrete’s cement when graded finely can also increase the speed of hydration, concrete setting and hardening. However, if the particles in the cement are too small, they can decrease the quality of cement as they have a tendency to react with H2O and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So, the normal range of µm is 7 to 200. 

Concrete's Structural Integrity

When the concrete is poured fresh, it needs to have structural integrity and for this purpose grades are needed. The choice of these grades is dependent on the concrete mix’s components which are poured and shows their strength on the 29th day of pouring. We have these concrete specialized for your requirements.

Uses of C40 Concrete: 

  • Roads for supporting heavy traffic 
  • Skyscrapers and high buildings
  • Supporting beams