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C40 Concrete Mix - The Ultimate Strength

Nothing compares to the performance of C40 concrete in building projects that call for strength, durability, and versatility. It is bought the most by commercial constructionists and is one of our most-sold concrete mixes in the UK.

After 28 days of curing, C40 concrete which is a high-performance concrete mix, exhibits a compressive strength of 40 megapascals (MPa). This makes it the ideal pick for a range of purposes that demand robust and long-lasting structures. C40 concrete ensures durability and structural integrity, whether you’re working on residential buildings, business complexes, or infrastructure projects.

Pro-Mix Concrete is proud to provide you with the finest quality C40 concrete mix, which guarantees exceptional results for your construction endeavors.

A Strong Mix | Maximum Durability

One of the distinguishing qualities of C40 concrete is its extraordinary strength. It is appropriate for applications requiring strong load-bearing capacity, such as bridges, paved surfaces, and industrial buildings, because it is made to withstand heavy loads. Due to this toughness, it will require less maintenance over time – saving you time and money in the long run.

Versatility Beyond Compare!

The adaptability of C40 concrete is another key benefit. It can be customised to meet particular project needs, enabling a range of finishes and patterns. Also, C40 concrete can be shaped to realise your artistic vision. It works best to create a smooth surface, exposed aggregate, a decorative texture, etc.

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C40 Uses

It builds foundations and beams for highways and gives structural support on commercial construction sites. C40 is typically used on farms where slurry could cause frames to rust as it can survive chemical corrosion.

Further, you can use it for:

  • Septic tank foundations

  • Paving

  • lHGV parks, etc.

Why Choose Pro-Mix Concrete for Your C40 Concrete Needs?

We go above and beyond at Pro-Mix Concrete to give you top-notch C40 concrete solutions that adhere to the highest industry requirements. Here’s why you consider partnering up with us for your next project.

  • Years of Expertise

    With years of expertise in the concrete industry, we are familiar with the subtle differences between various concrete mixtures. Our experts will collaborate closely with you to determine the ideal C40 concrete mix ratio that supports the objectives of your project.

  • Quality Assurance

    We are steadfast in our dedication to quality. To guarantee the consistency and quality of our concrete, we use the best raw materials and advanced mixing methods.

  • Timely delivery

    Pro-Mix Concrete is aware that construction projects are time-sensitive. Our effective delivery system provides our concrete mix on schedule every time.

  • Customisation

    We acknowledge the uniqueness of each project. Our concrete mix and variations can be modified to meet your unique requirements, ensuring the best outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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Our other services include

  • Premium-grade components integration in concrete

  • Comprehensive fleet of state-of-art vehicles

  • Professional concrete pouring services

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The ‘40’ indicates the concrete’s strength in megapascals (MPa), while the ‘C’ stands for ‘compressive strength’.

Absolutely! Due to its resilience and longevity, C40 concrete is an excellent pick for a multitude of projects, including residential buildings.

Yes, environmentally friendly additives are used in the formulation of C40 concrete to lessen its carbon footprint and support sustainability.

It takes almost 28 days for C40 concrete to reach its full strength.

You can use C40 Concrete in cold climates. However, it is crucial to follow cold weather concreting procedures to assure proper curing and prevent freezing-related issues.