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Ready Mix Concrete

Pay less, get more: – Premix Concrete in London

We understand your value for money and the lack of time, which is why our approach is to provide you with the best quality in minimal time. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to save your time or money, Pro-mix Concrete can be the best for both. It not only saves your time but also reduces the cost of transportation of the bags, renting a mixture and the cost to hire people to do the mixing. If not about all that, it also guarantees you good quality with consistency.

Ready Mix Concrete in London

Ready Mix concrete is prepared in a batching plant at a large mass. The plant is capable of producing different grades and strengths of ready mix concrete and also keeps the quality and consistency the same.


Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

Ready Mix concrete is prepared in a batching plant at a large mass. The plant is capable of producing different grades and strengths of concrete and also keeps the quality and consistency the same.

We specialise in supplying a vast range of waterproof concrete, 1-4 floor screed with fibres liquid screed and all other grades of ready mix concrete bags ranging from C10-C20-C25-C30-C35-C40-C50-C60 / RC-25 RC-35 RC-40 RC-50 / DC-1 DC-2 DC-3 DC-4

All our ready mix concrete is supplied to British standard BS EN 2061 BS 8500

If you are unsure about the quantity, you require Try our ready mix concrete calculator which is very helpful. Just enter your dimensions of the area to get an appropriate calculation of the volume you need. You can even call our customer care team who will assist you with all your requirements and will support you through the entire process and can advise you on the right mixes for your project.

From centuries concrete has been used for different construction projects. Today building contractors have the option of ready mix concrete to be used in different projects like home foundations, driveways, roadways, bridges, dams, buildings and more. With the help of ready mix concrete near me suppliers, you can order the specific ratio for your whole construction process and you can have the same ratio of the aggregates in the concrete mix throughout your construction project.

Our team at Pro- Mix concrete suppliers has been in the construction  industry from years and we have maintained our reputation by delivering what is expected by the construction contractors, and for that reason we have been the number one choice of Ready Mix Concrete Supplier London.

Why you Should Consider to go for Ready Mix Concrete?

Cost Effective

Any construction project will require a lot of money; efficient contractors do find ways by which they can reduce the cost of their construction project. Concrete mix if prepared manually it will require extra manpower to do the job. You will have to find storage space for the materials to be used in the concrete mix if the contractor is planning to do it manually.

In concrete mix there is a certain ratio of the aggregates which might not be the same throughout the construction process if it is mixed manually. while ordering the concrete mix from a ready mix concrete supplier you can cut the cost of the manpower which will be used while doing in manually, you can have the same ratio of the aggregates according to your order and it will be supplied to you when its needed on proper time.

High Quality Assured

By getting your concrete mix from a reliable supplier you will have the high quality concrete mix assured by your supplier.

Ready Mix Concrete and Sustainability

Concrete is used for different areas like floors and walls of the buildings and houses. Due to its durability and strength it will allow the structure to have a long life span as well as it acts as an energy efficient element as it will help to minimize the fluctuation in the temperature throughout the day because of its excellent insulating capabilities which will allow you to save energy.

Ready mix concrete bags is one of the most convenient ways to source concrete for your construction process. It’s an efficient way for the construction contractors to save money, time and the whole process to be mess free as the supplier of the concrete mix will do the job for you and it will be delivered to you when it is needed for your construction project.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is the preferred choice for most of the contractors in London. PRO-MIX CONCRETE has been delivering the services of ready-mix concrete London since years now. Ready mix concrete east London provides the precision and accurate ratio of the mixture. Our ready-mix concrete Croydon is produced under controlled and closely monitored conditions to deliver consistent quality. By selecting the option of ready-mix concrete hackney, the consumption of cement can be reduced by adding the other add mixtures are used. precise ratios and proper handling will enable to reduce the consumption of the cement up-to 10 percent. The ratio of the ready-mix concrete Dagenham could be tailored by the contractor as per the need of the construction project. By choosing price for ready mix concrete Barking over the on-site mixing will prevent dust pollution and cement consumption. For most of the contractors it is one of the best options to conserve energy and resources during the construction project. With ready mix concrete surrey, you can avoid human error and dependency on human labor on the site.  Storage of raw materials is one of the biggest problems faced by the contractors by choosing ready mix concrete Sutton, you don’t need to worry about the storage space. Ready mix concrete Sutton cold field is a highly versatile and cost-effective product.

The Best Choice for your Project

Our team at PRO-MIX CONCRETE include experienced engineer’s, construction specialist along with the technical expertise to deliver the best ready-mix concrete Sutton in ash field. Our team has the expertise to provide solutions for civil and large-scale commercial projects as well. By providing premium quality product in all our projects, our team have successfully developed long term relationship with the clients. We are always ready to help with your project. Give us a call right now if you are in search of ready-mix concrete Sutton cold field.


The Right Strength

One of the most important factors is to have the right strength of ready-mix concrete Sutton surrey. Our team of engineers have the right experience and the expertise. We can provide you our expert advice what strength will be required on a specific surface like a side wall or flooring. Ready mix concrete Bromley is simple and economical way of to have ready mix concrete. the ratio and strength of each ready mix concrete Lewisham is different. Ready mix concrete Bexley is not only ideal for big projects but its ideal for smaller jobs as well. If you want to know more information on our ready-mix concrete Greenwich, then get in touch with us today.

Self-Mixing Vs Ready Mix

Doing self-mixing requires time and effort. Every batch which is self-made will have different quality and strength levels. On the other hand, getting ready mix concrete London will save your time and effort plus the quality will be consistent no matter how many batches you order. When you choose our services of ready-mix concrete east London, you can expect high quality premium products as well as different and wide range of base colors to choose from. No matter how many loads of ready-mix concrete Croydon, you might require you will get consistent quality and same color. Ready mix concrete surrey is the growing trend and preferred choice for most of the construction contractors. For the contractor choosing ready-mix concrete Sutton, will reduce their time and deployment of labor.

It will Save you From the Hassle of Ordering

Ready mix concrete Sutton in ash field, is the best choice for several construction projects. there are several reasons to prefer ready mix concrete Sutton cold field, over on-site mixing. In onsite concrete you will have to order the products. Ordering the right products and the aggregates is another time-consuming process. Most of the times the job gets more complicated when the supplies won’t arrive on time. Whereas choosing ready mix concrete Sutton surrey, will save you from the hassle of ordering and delivering of the raw materials.


Space Saving

Another big problem, no matter what type of construction project it might be, is the proper storage space for the raw materials to be stored on the construction site. It can be a problem for most of the construction contractors and if that is the scenario the best thing to do is to order ready mix concrete Bromley from a reliable company. PRO-MIX CONCRETE being in the business since years now is among the best ready mix concrete near me.

Economical Option

In on-site concrete mixing it will not only require the labor to mix the concrete but as well as transporting the raw materials. Arranging and hiring the equipment and machinery for the propose of onsite mixing of concrete is another hassle and cost which construction contractors can easily omit by choosing ready mix concrete Bexley, over on-site mixing. Ready mix concrete Greenwich is one of the best and efficient ways to reduce waste. On site mixing produces a lot of waste, dust pollution and it can result in mishandling of the various ingredients.

Large Projects

Ready mix concrete barking is the only option for large scale projects. On-site mixing is not a good option for big construction projects where consistent quality is required. The best option for consistent quality and strength is ready mix concrete Dagenham. If price for ready mix concrete hackney is your option, then contact us today and we will be happy to deliver our services. For most of the construction contractors it’s a no brainer to choose ready mix concrete Sutton surrey. If you are still in search and struggle to find the right ready-mix concrete Bromley company, then PRO-MIX CONCRETE is your right choice.

Experienced Concrete Team

PRO-MIX CONCRETE has a team of experienced and skilled ready-mix concrete London experts. Our team has delivered ready mix concrete east London for different types of construction projects. Our team is master of their skills and they know how to cater the needs of clients by delivering superior quality ready mix concrete Croydon. No matter your construction project is commercial or residential we know how to provide you results with exceptional quality ready mix concrete surrey. Our team of ready-mix concrete Sutton uses only best materials and latest technology equipment. We can help you to get the job done faster. Call us now and our team of ready-mix concrete Sutton in ash field will be happy to provide you the support that you need. we can provide you with the best results and quality of ready-mix concrete Sutton cold field in the market.

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