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We are specialists for all type of floor screed mix requirement. Pro-mix Concrete is a company committed to delivering high quality and reliable products for your screed projects. Pro-mix concrete Supply an extensive range of screed products in London and surrounding areas.

We deliver ready Mortar screed with high performance mostly used as a medium over underfloor heating/pipes, it consists of sharp sand and cement and fibers can be added for more strength, we also supply liquid flowing screed which gives you more flexibility and is at the forefront of screed technology it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective product that is self-compacting and also self-leveling which can be placed a lot quicker saving you time and labour.

We are the main suppliers of commercial, domestic screed flooring. If you require any information about our screed please call our customer care team who will assist you with all your requirements and will support you through the entire process and can advise you on the right mix for your project.

floor screed mix

It is made up of different contentious materials and sand blends required for a specific surface of the floor. Floor Screeding is an effective floor base for floor different floors.


The materials that are used:

  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Water

Additives to attain different results for different projects
These materials are blended as per the requirement of the Floor Screed mix. The right proportions of cement to sand is very important as it affects the drying shrinkage of the screed. Similarly, too much water in the Floor Screed mix can cause strength and less water will affect the compaction. It’s crucial to have the right ratios for your screed. We have been providing the services of Floor Screeding, since years. No matter what size of your project might be our aim is to deliver exceptional quality for your Floor Screed. Though it might sound a simple process of just mixing the sand and cement, it does require the expertise of expert professionals.

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How We Do It:

Before initiating the process of Screeding, the very first thing that we do is to evaluate the surface of the base. According to the surface of the floor base, we estimate the materials and prepare the base. Before pouring the floor screed mixture on the floor, the bonding agents are being poured on and floor screed mixture is poured.

The search of the right professionals of Floor Screed near me can get daunting and overwhelming. Hiring the right services of screeders will ensure to have the expected results and good quality finished product. Choosing the right Floor Screeders will ensure to have the right approaches for its application and the protection of it.

Screed that is well laid can extend the life of the floor. If you are in search of services of Floor Screed near me and if you hire non-professional screeders services, you can end up in a failed screed which will cost you double to revive the condition of the messed-up project.

The Right Screeding Contractor

When you are in search of Floor Screed near me make sure to hire a contractor with extensive experience with a skilled workforce and the right equipment to carry out the services. having more experienced contractors will help to handle the nuances of the screeding process, from the very initial stages of planning till laying of the screed. Our team has been providing services for years now. We have worked on different projects and have met the expectations of our clients in every project. We know how important it is to consider which type of screed should be offered to the client for their project.

We Take The Right Screeding Protection Measures

Last but not the least step is screeding protection. Right screeding protection measures are extremely important after the screed is laid. It is extremely important in preventing different failures. The right protection measures will help to achieve the final product of high quality and durability.

With the assistance of our team getting your screed right is not difficult. Even if minor details are not been taken care of, the result and the finished product will have different problems. When you hire our team of experts you can be confident that your project is in the right hands. If you have any queries regarding our services, then contact us today and our team will be happy to provide you the assistance to choose the right screed for your project.