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We all enjoy changing our house’s looks or renovating it from time to time; either because there’s a spare room you could use or because you want to widen your garage, or construct a patio. Whatever the reason is, if it is a domestic project, you would never want to use commercial cement or concrete for it. So, Pro-mix concrete provides you with high quality domestic concrete which you can use in your DIY projects and we have designed it in various ranges to best fit your project’s type. Just call our experts and get your concrete delivered to your place within 24 hours.
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Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

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Types of Domestic Concrete Mixes Supplied by Pro-Mix Concrete

At Pro-mix concrete, experts have crafted various ranges of mixes for domestic uses making them high-quality, durable, easy-to-apply and use and even an amateur can work best with them. However, for your ease and understanding we have elaborated the types along with their uses below: Ground and foundation mix: For building slabs and footings on the floor or ground, this is the most purchased and customers’ favourite mix. However, we recommend you talk to an expert before making a purchase, so you can get precise guidance of which type to purchase. Talk to Pro-mix’s experts now!

Garage and Driveway Slab Mix

These mixes are designed for building base or slabs for garages, driveway, sheds and you can even use it to lay the base of a hot tub. Because they serve as a base, this mix needs to be durable and strong enough to withstand shock or changing weather conditions. Therefore, we recommend, c35 concrete mix. However, if you want to use this mix on a sloped surface, you need to tell our team, so we can provide you with a more fibrous and stiffer version accordingly. This way, the chances of cracks in your slab will be reduced from minimum to zero. We can also provide you with a micro-mix which has the same strength but will be achieved within 2 days or less making it rapid to set and easy to apply for your project. We understand our customers better and will never disappoint you when it comes to providing the best concrete mix in town.

Landscape Mix

A vast range of different mixes are present for this specific function but they all provide similarities in their basic purposes such as strength and dampness. It should be known well how much water should be added to the mix so that your required use of it can be done accordingly. For any possible queries regarding the addition of water or any other problems, just call us and we will be available for your service.

Kerb Mix

For the purpose of kerb bedding or edging a specific basic kerb mix is available and a number of additives for this mix are present which can be used as domestic concrete accordingly. Any mix for your specific purpose can be provided according to your requirements.