Domestic Concrete

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Whether you are thinking of adding a conservatory or laying a new patio, refurbishing your drive or garage floor, we have the concrete for your needs and requirements.

Home projects can be fun end exciting but good quality concrete will determine the difference between a good professional look and an unprofessional finish.

domestic concrete


Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

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At PRO-MIX CONCRETE LTD we understand the importance of a home project being finished to a high standard, this is why we ensure good quality products and service throughout our specific mixes.

If you are unsure how much Concrete you need, then just put your measurements into our online calculator and the amount you require will be worked out for you.

If you need any advice on the mix that is needed for the project you are undertaking, then call our phone number and a member of our staff will help you determine the best concrete to suit your needs.