C15 Concrete Mix Ratio

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Every Detail You Need to Know About C15 Concrete Mix Ratio –Elaborated by Pro-Mix Concrete

Concrete with a c15 concrete mix ratio is required by every construction project regardless of the nature of the construction; home or private constructions, building construction for commercial purposes etc. It can be massively used and has its benefits for the customers. We ensure the concrete with c15 we serve gives you exactly the value for money you are looking for. You don’t have to go to suppliers and carry heavy concrete bags to your place. With us you can just place an order online, or on call and the concrete c15 will be served to you at the doorstep of your construction site. In this way, we not only save your travelling costs but also will save your time. The concrete provided by us has the exact needed strength and is as flexible as you expect it to be.

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We also believe in sharing useful facts and information with our precious clients so they can make productive and useful buying decisions. You can make enquiries anytime and we will answer them at your ease and we promise to satisfy our clients by giving them exactly what they want us to. Our concrete is available in any volume you want. Our concrete mixes are unique and finely graded providing you the expected quality.

Concrete Grading

Concrete grading can be elaborated by how the concrete is formed and how the formation creates its strength. 28 days after the layering of concrete, it starts strengthening. This concrete grading is compared by measurements which can be denoted as MPa, M being the abbreviation of Mix and P denotes its power. The finer the concrete is ground, the more MPa will it have.

How and Where to Use C15 Concrete?

If you want to lay the grounds for shorter walls or steps, then concrete (c15), also known as Gen 2, is the ulterior choice. It contains a power of 15 Newton force. This is used highly in residential or domestic construction projects and is not too much famous for large commercial or industrial projects. It is widely used in: