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Concrete Pump Hire

Discover reliable and professional concrete pumping services in Finchley and the surrounding areas! When it comes to your home projects, our specialised line pump takes center stage. Whether it is a new rear extension, basement, path, or shed footing, our game-changing pump can deliver ready-mix concrete to those tricky spots, with a reach of up to 100 meters. We have different types of concrete pumps too. Line pumps are good for footings or lower-level work. Boom pumps can cater to hard-to-reach places. For highway projects, our reliable line pumps use the C35-C50 Ready Mix Concrete mix.

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Commercial Concrete

As a leading provider of commercial concrete services, Pro-Mix Concrete comprehends the distinct demands of the business sector. Whether you need high-strength concrete, lightweight mixes, or any other specialty solution, we can do it all. Beyond structural needs, we offer decorative and architectural solutions as well. Our fleet of modern trucks and experienced operators ensures the efficient placement of concrete at your commercial construction site. Pro-Mix doesn't just stop at delivery. We come up with ongoing maintenance support. To have the longevity of the concrete elements in your project is our duty.

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Domestic Concrete

Ready to get started with home renovation? Want to create a perfect retreat in your backyard? Our team ensures that your residential construction projects start on solid ground. From basement slabs to full home foundations, we deliver reliable & high-quality concrete solutions. From our customer service representatives to our concrete technicians, you can trust that your home is in capable hands. We specialise in designing and pouring concrete surfaces that enhance the overall charm of your outdoor environment. Lastly, our advanced sealing techniques create a protective barrier against moisture, stains, and harsh weather conditions.

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Ready-Mix Concrete

Pro-Mix Concrete specializes in delivering premium Ready Mix Concrete through our advanced Volumetric and Drum Mix lorries. Our commitment to reliability and expertise spans across domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications. For projects requiring substantial quantities meeting Finchley standards, our traditional drum- mixing lorries, arriving on-site, bring pre- mixed concrete from our precise static batching plant. Ideal for projects demanding accuracy and adherence to specific concrete standards, we're prepared to assist with footings, underpinning, or any project with unique concrete requirements.

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Mix On Site Concrete

Gearing up for a commercial concrete in Finchley? Pro-Mix Concrete invests in the most advanced mixing equipment to ensure that your on-site mixing experience is smooth & efficient. We work closely with you to understand your project and change our mix on-site concrete service accordingly. Throughout the process, our technicians conduct rigorous quality control checks to ensure that every batch meets our high standards. No compromise on the quality of our domestic concrete in Finchley. When the concrete is mixed to perfection, we hand it over to you. This "mix & pour" approach significantly reduces the risk of potential delays.

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Floor Screed Suppliers

Pro-Mix Concrete offers a traditional 4:1 of sharp sand-to-cement floor screed mix, tailored for various general household purposes. The result is a smooth and even final surface texture that meets the highest quality. For flexibility, we can incorporate a retarder into the floor screed mix, allowing for a delayed set of up to 8 hours. One option is polypropylene fibers to enhance crack control. The delivery service is prompt too. By default, we deposit the floor screed at a suitable external location on your site and place it on plastic sheeting to have a clean process.

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