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C25 Concrete Mix | The Ideal Flooring Solution

Also called ST2 concrete mix, it features a moderate cement concentration, placing its strength in the midrange; 25 Newtons, to be exact. With this strength, it can withstand heavy shocks and adverse weather conditions. Its reduced water content results in a drier, stronger ST2 Concrete, well-suited for general domestic tasks.

Choose Pro-mix’s C25 concrete mix for robust foundation filling. However, this versatile concrete mix finds utility in various applications beyond its primary use.

Our skilled professionals at Pro-Mix Concrete have carefully crafted the impeccable C25 concrete mix ratio in the UK, and they’re readily available to provide guidance whenever you require it. For a complimentary estimate on C25 / ST2 concrete, reach out to our team.

If you’re unsure about the required quantity, our Concrete Calculator is at your disposal to assist you.

Is C25 Concrete Mix Any Good?

C25 / ST2 concrete proves its diverse list of advantages by serving a wide range of domestic and commercial purposes.

  • Increased Strength and Sturdiness

    C25 concrete mix ratio stands out by delivering superior compressive strength when compared to lower-grade mixes.

  • Enhanced Durability

    Thanks to its optimal mix ratio, it exhibits remarkable durability. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it can endure challenging environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations and exposure to chemicals.

  • Improved Workability

    Balancing cement, fine gravel, and coarse particles enhances workability. This makes it easier for construction professionals to manage and manipulate during pouring, leveling, and finishing tasks.

  • Economical Choice

    C25 concrete offers cost-effective advantages by providing sufficient strength while using comparatively less cement. This optimized mix design trims material costs without compromising overall construction quality.

  • Strengthened Flexural Performance

    Its enhanced flexural strength makes it an excellent choice for structural elements like beams and slabs that undergo bending loads. This ability allows it to withstand bending stresses and resist cracking.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Increased Freeze-Thaw Resilience

Notably, C25 displays heightened resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. This resilience is valuable in cold climates where water freezing within the concrete can cause damage. The reduced permeability and proper air entrainment guarantee it can withstand freeze-thaw cycles without significant harm.

  • Minimized Shrinkage

    C25's usage reduces the risk of shrinkage-related cracks that can decrease concrete's structural integrity. By doing so, it contributes to a more robust infrastructure.

  • Consistent Performance

    Precise mix proportions result in uniform performance across different batches. For large-scale construction ventures, this consistency is pivotal, enabling effective planning and construction while minimizing unexpected challenges.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The optimized C25 mix design promotes environmental sustainability by using less cement without compromising stability. Its extended lifespan and resistance to deterioration further contribute to its low overall environmental impact.

  • Time Efficiency

    The C25 concrete mix ratio in the UK balances workability and setting time. This provides construction projects with a suitable timeframe, allowing ample time for pouring, leveling, finishing, and curing. The resulting time efficiency benefits project deadlines.

Suitable For:

  • Un-reinforced strip footings and fence post footings

  • Basic foundations and general groundwork without reinforcement

  • Mass concrete and trench fill applications

  • Providing bases for extensions, houses, or patios

  • House floor blinding and pad foundation construction

  • Creating kerbs, unreinforced house floors with a lasting finish, and patios

  • Certain applications in the agricultural sector

  • Facilitating drainage and fill tasks around manholes or trenches

  • Mass concrete projects for non-aggressive, non-structural (DC-1) ground conditions

Construction Workers

C25 concrete mix ratio is composed of 1 part cement, 1 part fine aggregate or sand, and 2 parts coarse aggregate. Opting for ready mix concrete means that the mix is already tailored to the appropriate strength for your intended use by the professionals. This provides you with the assurance of stability required for your project.

Concrete strength is gauged in pounds per square inch (psi) and newtons, with the assigned number reflecting its minimum compressive strength 28 days post-pouring. C25 concrete attains a strength of 25 newtons after this period, rendering it sufficiently robust for supporting substantial, heavy structures. In terms of PSI, C25 concrete boasts a strength of 3625, and it is notably favoured for domestic projects.

C25 concrete is frequently employed for flooring, foundations, footings, and trench filling. It has the requisite strength for select agricultural uses and is favored in roadwork and ground preparation. In residential projects, it’s a preferred choice for constructing extensions.

When you’re constructing a new building or expanding an existing one, C25 concrete can be effectively used for pouring foundations and footings. This is a common and practical use of C25 concrete.

C20 concrete possesses a strength of 20 newtons after 28 days, indicating it’s not as robust as C25 concrete. This lower strength makes C20 concrete more appropriate for domestic flooring and foundations, especially for lightweight structures. It’s also frequently employed as a foundation for workshops and garages. However, when dealing with larger constructions, the enhanced strength of C25 concrete positions it as the superior option.