C25 Concrete Mix Ratio

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Concrete mix is very well known to all constructionists because of it being versatile and its variability in uses. The tasks in which concrete is required vary from laying a footpath, to building roads and skyscrapers etc. But the one a constructionist needs is a material that has high quality and is trustworthy when it comes to dependency on human health and life. For example, a poor-quality concrete used in a bridge may cause it to collapse. Our supply of c25 concrete mix ratio is the choice of every constructionist in town as we never risk our clients’ health.

Concrete C25 Explained

The concrete of c25 grade has the power to withstand the compression of a force of 25 newton or MPa. This also takes a 28-day span to set properly and then can be tested for any compression tests. This concrete has a medium-high strength and is diverse in terms of various projects of construction.

C25 Concrete has a Major Role in the Following Construction Projects

  • Filling the trench foundations
  • Fixing of drainage
  • Layering the fence posts
  • Filling of furniture bases such as benches which are outdoor.

Concrete Curing Explained

Concrete curing is how freshly made concrete is preserved well especially when its finishing occurs. This is done by adding a bit of moisture and keeping the concrete at a high temperature for some time so that the desired properties of the concrete can be achieved. This process is essential because it gives the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Making the concrete waterproof
  • Gives strength to the concrete
  • Make it resistant to abrasion
  • Give stability to the volume of concrete
  • Saving the concrete from thawing
  • Gives the concrete hydration because of the moisture addition. This is done to increase the durability of the mixture.

Concrete Fine Grading

When fine and coarse concrete is added together for making the mixture, we make sure that no spaces or bubbles remain in the mixture. This gives the concrete a fine pasty texture and makes the concrete strong. This is done by us to: