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Ready Mixed Concrete, Mix On Site Concrete, Concrete Pumps, and more!

Your next construction project can be big or small, it can be commercial or domestic. You may be building pavement, garage flooring, a small extension project, or laying the basement for your new home. 

The solution is Pro-Mix Concrete. We have all the tools necessary to meet your construction needs. 


Why We Are Your Trusted Supplier Of Concrete In Bromley

We have been a reliable concrete supplier in Bromley and surrounding areas and expanding our wings evermore. 

Our top-of-the-line ready mix concrete lorry is always kept in prime condition and kept ready to meet your concrete needs at your site. We are well-equipped to provide you with any type of concrete you need from us. 

We aim to fulfill your needs whether your needs may be domestic or commercial. Our vast experience in the field allows us to understand what you need from us as a leading concrete supplier. Rest assured, your concrete will be delivered when, where, and however you require it. 

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How We Are Addressing Environmental Concerns?

Our main aim in promoting volumetric concrete and ready mix concrete is to reduce the overproduction and wastage of concrete on construction sites. 

  • With Volumetric Concrete Lorries you can mix as much or as little concrete as you need at the site of your project.

  • If you opt for Ready Mix Concrete, we will mix only the precise amount of concrete you need.

  • With our love for ethical and green practices, we have come up with the ultimate concrete calculator on site.

Change begins at home. With this in mind, we have taken measures to avoid the overproduction and consequent wastage of concrete with the help of volumetric lorries, ready mix concrete and the concrete calculator. Join us on our noble quest to create a better world for posterity.