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Ditch the heavy lifting! Pro-Mix Concrete Pumps deliver concrete to precise spots with ease. There will be no manual labour, only efficient pouring that will get the work done faster and smarter.

Our Ready-Mix Concrete lays the groundwork for structures that defy expectations. Made for high-end resilience and reliability, it arrives ready to use so that your project always stays on schedule.

No more one-size-fits-all solutions! Pro-Mix brings the concrete factory directly to your construction site. Custom-blended at your location, it adapts to your project’s special requirements.

Smooth, seamless, and ready for action! Pro-Mix Floor Screed is your answer to achieving the perfect surface. Ideal for flooring projects, it gives a flawless finish that improves both form and function.

Build the heart of your home with Pro-Mix Domestic Concrete. Suited to your vision, our concrete forms the bedrock for lasting, cherished spaces that express family strength and unity.

Ready Mix Concrete Barnet

Good quality and consistency are essential for concrete. This is true whether it is required for commercial and domestic construction. Ready Mix Concrete is the best way to produce Concrete that is of the highest quality and gives consistent consistency. It is apt for large concrete delivery as well as small domestic requirements. Ready Mix Concrete will save your construction sites from mess and the worry of maintaining storage space for concrete. This type of concrete is mixed and delivered straight to your site as you will need it. Our concrete batching plants are highly controlled, maintained and automated. This allows us to mix the highest quality concrete with the precise quantity of each ingredient without occurring any loss to the integrity of the final product.

We, at Pro Mix Concrete, have become somewhat of an expert at all things concrete. Our immense experience from working to provide concrete and Ready Mix Concrete in and around Barnet has allowed us to enrich our knowledge in the field and has given us a superior understanding of what clients expect from their Concrete Suppliers. Our opening hours are 7:00 Am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Everyone needs a Sunday off. Get in touch with our 24/7 customer support at 02074584747 or 08007723808 for any enquiries. You can also call us at 07910749285 or email us at to learn about our services or ask any questions about the services we provide.


Why We Are Your Trusted Supplier Of Concrete In Barnet

We at Pro-Mix Concrete and our team are experienced in all things concrete. We have been a reliable concrete supplier in Barnet and surrounding areas and expanding our wings evermore. Our top-of-the-line Ready Mix Concrete Lorry is always kept in prime condition and kept ready to meet your concrete needs at your site. We are well equipped to provide you with any type of concrete you need from us. We cover everything from Ready Mix Concrete in Barnet, volumetric Mix on-site concrete to floor screeds. We aim to fulfil your needs without prejudice whether your needs may be domestic or commercial. Our vast experience in the field allows us to understand what you need from us as a leading concrete supplier. Rest assured, your concrete will be delivered when, where and however you require it. 

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How We Are Addressing Environmental Concerns?

We are all about leaving behind healthy, happy earth for posterity. Our main aim in promoting volumetric concrete and Ready Mix Concrete is to reduce the overproduction and wastage of concrete on construction sites. 

  • With Volumetric Concrete Lorries you can mix as much or as little concrete as you need at the site of your project. If you run short, you can mix up some more in an instant saving time and avoiding cold joints in the concrete.

  • If you opt for Ready Mix Concrete, we will mix only the precise amount of concrete you need.

  • With our love for ethical and green practices, we have come up with the ultimate concrete calculator on site. Feel free to work it to figure out exactly how much concrete you need for your project. This is our contribution to help with concrete waste and overproduction.

Change begins at home. With this in mind, we have taken measures to avoid the overproduction and consequent wastage of concrete with the help of Volumetric Lorries, Ready Mix Concrete and the concrete calculator. Join us on our noble quest to create a better world for posterity.