concrete pump hire

You are looking for your concrete mix to be delivered to a spot which is not that easy to be accessed for a concrete truck? Here is where you might feel the need for a concrete pump. Go for a concrete pump hire and you will feel that work becomes so much easier with the help of a concrete pump. Pro-Mix Concrete provides a concrete pump, so need not to worry.

Quick, Reliable And Valuable Option For Money

Pro-mix concrete has many years of expert experience in meeting the needs of its customers throughout London without any hitch. We have a wide range of concrete pump hire throughout London for meeting daily construction needs. Hence, with our modern landline concrete pumps, have the entire batch to your indoors, a different floor or rear garden without any hassle now. Feel free to give us a call and our customer service representative will assist you in all possible ways.


Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

Concrete Pump Hire in London

Pro-Mix Concrete specializes in concrete pumping throughout London. We cater to all types of projects large and small for more information contact our friendly team today and find out our concrete pumping according to your project needs.

London’s Trusted Source For Concrete Pump Hire

Quick solutions to any problem. Choose a concrete pump and you will not just get the equipment but also a fully competent and expert team for operating the pump for you. You pour your ready mix concrete into the pump safely as well as professionally without the stress of being wastes or mishandled under any circumstances. Our team is qualified, quick, fast, friendly, reliable, responsible and fully knowledgeable of the task related to pump handling and usage. You can be assured that the mix on site concrete which is ready to be used, will be laid accurately and effortlessly even though you are a commercial site manager, or a homeowner, whether a contractor or a construction worker, a concrete pump is a right choice for all.

We Are The Best At What We Do

We have two types of concrete pumps

  • Ground Line Pumps
  • Boom Pump Vehicles

Having any of the two above mentioned pumps available and arrange for you quickly and even on the last minute notice is not a problem for us. It is effortless and hassle-free. However, to provide you with the best option and suitable solution w.r.t concrete pump hire, you should share your specific needs with us before you hire, such as the required concrete volume, any issues related to the access and add the concrete mix you wish to order. Notwithstanding, if you are new at the construction task and unsure about the right estimates or needs for your project, not to worry at all. Our expert team will talk you through it and help you to get to the right and suitable decision.

Process Of Concrete Pump Hire

  • Once you have decided that you feel the need to hire a concrete pump, you call our helpful team.
  • If you already know what type of concrete pump you would like to hire, just let us know. In the other case, we’ll advise you which concrete pump will best suit you.
  • Our team will be at your sincere service in case you lack the idea specifying regarding a particular volume or a mix of the concrete. If you know it already, then we are good to get to the next step.
  • To avoid the risk of over-ordering or under-ordering, our ready mixed concrete is mixed on-site as well.
  • Same-day or next day delivery convenience is available if you need urgent hiring of the pump.
  • We will arrange the concrete pump delivery at a suitable time.
  • Once we have all the above information, we will confirm your booking. An email or SMS will be sent to you for intimation afterward so that all the details which are related to your concrete pump hiring are confirmed in one place to avoid confusion.