C20 Concrete Mix Ratio

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Detailing Out The C20 Concrete Mix Ratio for Our Clients

We ease the process of ordering any quantity you want to order of the c20 concrete mix ratio. You can be a client of any project ranging from residential home projects to skyscraper construction projects. We promptly deliver the required quantity, no matter how small or large your order is. We deliver the package with the same responsibility regardless of the size of the order. We offer the mixture at prices which are admired by our clients and we have been serving our loyal clients since years which adds to our strength.

Facts About Concrete C20

We deal in many lightweight concrete mixtures and one of them is concrete C20 which is also referred to as Gen 3 concrete. This is different from c10 or c15 in a way that it has a rating of 20 Newtons when it comes to strength. But like other mixes it also requires a period of 28 days before it starts getting strong. This concrete mix has the highest ratio of cement and has a variety of applications.

Materials in a Concrete Mix

There are some common materials or ingredients which can be found in almost all types of concrete mixes. The ratio, however, varies with each variant. These ingredients are; water, cement, a mixture of sand and crushed stones. But some variants have a bit different ingredients as well. These ingredients change how the variants of concrete mixes are used. They are elaborated as:


Improving the work ability of the concrete


Impact the strength of the concrete


Impacting how the mixture sets

Protection Agents

Which inhibit the corrosion of metal or steel embedded in the concrete

Projects to be Used in

The mixture with concrete c20 is mostly used in projects which are small such as:

Ratio of C20 Concrete Mix

The ratio is typically formed as 1:2:4, where 1 is the cement part, 2 is the finely ground concrete and 4 shows the ratio of hard and roughly ground aggregate. The strength is measured in N/mm2.