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C10 Concrete Mix

For your domestic construction project, Pro-Mix Concrete’s C10 concrete mix emerges as a lightweight and versatile solution. Our mix holds special appeal for a variety of non-structural applications. With a standardized formula, it attains a strength rating of 10 newtons after a curing period of 28 days. While finding its stride in domestic projects, its adaptability extends seamlessly to commercial uses as well.

Often referred to as GEN1 concrete mix, C10 concrete has garnered popularity as a reliable industry standard. Its consistent properties and dependable performance make it a sought-after choice for builders and contractors alike. The nature of the mix contributes to ease of handling and application, making it particularly advantageous for situations where a lighter touch is necessary.

Whether it is foundational work, paving, or other non-structural projects, this mix delivers the necessary attributes to ensure a successful outcome.

Where Does C10 Work Best?

  • Mass concrete foundations

  • Agricultural and drainage purposes

  • Trench filling

  • Forming step foundations

  • Residential applications – foundations, flooring, walls, sheds, and conservatories

  • It serves for kerbing, cavity filling, strip footings, drainage fill, blinding, and haunching as well.

Given its consistent cement content, it’s perfectly suitable for applications like strip footing foundations, drainage projects, and concrete oversite. If you intend to undertake these sorts of ventures, GEN1 might be an apt choice, yet it’s advisable to converse with our knowledgeable consultants before making a purchase.

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Our specially formulated C10 concrete mix takes centre stage in finishing applications, eliminating the necessity for additional concrete varieties or overlays. Achieving a refined and polished appearance doesn’t necessitate any additional effort. If you’re in search of various concrete types and need advice on the most suitable blend, our skilled team of experts is prepared to provide assistance.

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  • We prioritise quality control so that the delivered concrete meets the required standards and specifications. This locks in your reliable and consistent results.

  • Pro-Mix Concrete offers the flexibility to adjust mix designs to fit your project's specific requirements. This is how you get the right blend of strength and workability.

  • Expect your delivery to be right on time. We know how crucial it is for construction projects to progress smoothly and efficiently.

  • Advanced mixing and delivery equipment, which can contribute to better consistency and quality of the concrete you receive.

  • We provide you with a clear understanding of costs and help you plan your budget accurately. We’re completely transparent!

  • You can check our online reviews and testimonials to gauge our reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • Pro-Mix Concrete may reduce transportation costs and contribute to faster delivery times.

Let Our Concrete Calculator Help You

Our user-friendly Concrete Calculator remains at your disposal to accurately gauge the required quantity for your specific project. This feature ensures that you acquire what you need, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Avoid the need to visit a physical store and transport heavy bags on your own. Order now, and we will deliver the precise amount of C10 concrete grade directly to your project site.

The mix ratio for C10 concrete typically consists of one part cement, two parts fine aggregate (sand), and four parts coarse aggregate (gravel). This ratio is often represented as “1:2:4” or “1:2:4:0.5”, depending on whether water is included as well. The last number, if present, represents the amount of water.

In summary, the mix ratio for C10 concrete is:

  •     1 part cement
  •     2 parts sand (fine aggregate)
  •     4 parts gravel (coarse aggregate)
  •     Water (if included in the ratio)

Keep in mind that the exact mix design may vary based on specific project requirements, local materials, and desired properties. It’s advisable to consult with a concrete supplier or a construction professional to determine the most suitable mix ratio for your specific application.

Using C10 concrete for a driveway is not recommended. Driveways require concrete with a higher strength to withstand the weight of vehicles and prevent cracking or deterioration over time. For driveways, it’s advisable to use concrete with a higher strength grade, such as C20 or higher. These concrete grades have greater load-bearing capacity.

Yes, the mix ratio of concrete can be adjusted to meet specific project needs, but it’s important to do so carefully and with consideration of the desired properties of the concrete. The mix ratio determines the proportions of cement, aggregates, and water in the concrete mix, which in turn affects the strength, workability, durability, and other characteristics of the concrete.

Reinforcement is typically not needed for C10 concrete in non-structural applications.It is commonly used in concrete to enhance its tensile strength and control cracking, especially in situations where the concrete is subjected to significant loads or stresses. However, in the case of C10 concrete, the loads it’s designed to bear are generally light, and therefore, reinforcement is usually unnecessary.

The setting time of C10 concrete, like other concrete mixes, can vary depending on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and the specific mix design. However, C10 concrete generally starts to set within a few hours after being mixed and placed.