C10 Concrete Mix Ratio

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There are some specific construction tasks which require a special type of concrete. This concrete is available in various ratios, but what is not known to everyone is what are the exact purposes for these special concrete types. We will not only explain to you the c10 concrete mix ratio but also we will tell you its uses and properties.

The experts at Pro-mix concrete are there to help you get the right mixes of concrete which are ideal for the application at your construction site. We supply concrete mixes in every region of the country. C10, also known as Gen 1 concrete, will be delivered to your site directly and within no time when you order from us.

The Ratio and Properties of C10 Mix


This concrete is light in weight and has a ratio of 10-12 newtons depending upon the requirement.

Type of Projects to be Used into

This can be used for a wide range of projects in which the application is non-structural and can be applied in domestic as well as commercial construction projects.

Strength Visibility

This concrete (c10) has a strength initiating after 27-28 days after the process of construction.

Where C10 can be Used to Get Best Results?

Because c10 concrete is very flexible in nature and does not weigh too much, it can be proved to be beneficial and can be used in many tasks which are explained below as:

So, if you want concrete for the mentioned above purposes, feel free to contact us. We will guide you through the convenient buying process. Our competitive delivery services will never keep you waiting and will be serving you at the promised time regardless of the quantity or amount you ordered. Our prices are also very affordable when it comes to effective procurement and our specialists and friendly experts are there for you to guide you or advise you in buying the right type of concrete for your construction projects.