Concrete Pumps Hire

Concrete pumping is a highly effective way to ensure that concrete is delivered directly where you need it – ideal for all domestic or commercial building projects.

Here at Pro-Mix Concrete Ltd, we have a range of Concrete Pumps Hire In London, with the ability to pump 300 metres horizontally and 100 metres vertically, creating a no-mess, no-fuss method of transporting concrete around your site without the need for a wheelbarrow.

Concrete pumps provide great flexibility, allowing concrete to be transported around any obstacles and even from one floor to another. Hiring a pump gives you the convenience of having access to pumped concrete for the duration of your project, and the experts at Pro-Mix Concrete are on hand to provide tips and advice as to the best way to use all of our Concrete Pumps Hire.

Concrete Pump Hire in London & The South East

Pro-Mix Concrete specialise in concrete supply and delivery throughout the South East, and are able to mix on-site to ensure that you pay only for the exact amount that you require. For more information, contact our friendly team today and find out how concrete pump hire can benefit your building project.
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