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5 Fun Do It Yourself Projects To Do With Concrete For Your Home

Concrete is popular, and not without a solid reason. It is probably the most versatile, resourceful, and flexible material today for construction. Concrete is used for foundations, flooring, pavements, walls, roofing, roof tiles and shingles, bridges, roads and so much more. Concrete is made using cement, sand, and stone combined with water. Ingredients may be added or even removed as per the requirements.

This essential mix has amazing properties. It can be used in various ways and for multiple purposes. Various types of admixtures can be added to alter their physical properties and result. Admixtures that strengthen the end product, delay the total drying time of the concrete mix, stability against soil reactions, change groundwater levels and so much more.

One of the major reasons that make concrete is so widely used and much loved among people around the world is its availability. Concrete, and the ingredients that go into it, can be easily found wherever in the world you are located. This, in effect, makes it cheaper and easily affordable. Thus is born a simple explanation for the immense popularity of concrete.

It is also a strong material that resists almost any weather conditions and retains its integrity. As such, it is suitable for domestic or commercial construction around the world. Many of the tall buildings we see today are made using concrete as one of the major components. This applies to domestic construction such as homes etc

Traditionally, concrete would be covered in paint, decor, plaster, or other materials to change its look. Today people have begun to embrace what concrete looks like. It is now viewed as rustic and has many fans for such a look. It can be observed in grocery store floors, restaurant floors and walls, restrooms, homes, and more. Some prefer it has it painted and others like the fresh and raw look of concrete instead.

With this, DIY projects using concrete or just cement have increased too. DIY means Do It Yourself. This is a project that some people would go to a professional for but it can be a fun hobby and quite refreshing for the mind. There are various projects, art, household items, and other useful and decorative items made from concrete as well as cement.

Such projects can be fun and refreshing. If you’re planning a garden or simply want to spruce up your garden and home, you can do great projects with concrete. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most interesting and useful do-it-yourself projects that you can make with concrete. You can procure your concrete from ready mix concrete suppliers in Bromley, that’s us!

5 Fun Do It Yourself Projects To Do With Concrete For Your Home

The first 2 ideas are going to be for the garden and the home. It is about planters and little pots that you can make with concrete. You can put them in your garden or your home. Let’s jump into it.

  1. A Succulent Pot – Succulents are not like other plants. They often have shorter roots and do not require as much water or fertilizer. Nor do they require very fertile soil. They are easy plants to care for and grow. A pot that is suitable for succulents can be wide and shallow. The bowl or potter can be as large or small as you like. You can make a large pot and put it in your garden. In this port, you can mix a variety of succulents and create a gorgeous potter. This will look adorable bordering the path to and from your garden or next to the entryway into your home. You can paint it any colours you like or leave it as is. The idea is to make sure the final look of the planter matches and blends well with the rest of the garden or home. Moreover, leaving it as is will lend it quite a rustic look. If this is the look you expect from your garden then you can leave it unpainted.
  2.  Planters And Potters – Almost the same as the above idea, except smaller. In this case, you can make pots to place around your home. You can make these large for the larger plants to place in key areas of your home. The small pots can be placed on tables, desks or anywhere else you prefer. You can match these by painting them the same colour as your walls or you can mix and match. Many people prefer to personalize these pots with sketches of cartoons, doodles, geometric patterns, and many creative ideas. You can create your patterns using tape and any type of paint you like. The benefit of this is the infinite ways to personalize and make it match your home. You can also change it up along the way.
  3. Concrete Tray – While this is more commonly used for placing jewellery, you can use it for almost anything. Many people make such trays in which they place their perfumes, keys in the console, etc. You make it and use it in the way you like
  4. Jewellery Holder – This is where you can get creative. We’ve seen plenty of videos online of people pouring concrete into gloves to make ring holders. Although you will need to file or buff the bottom and make it smooth and even so that it can be stable. You can make a variety of shapes with this type of this. For instance a cone-shaped ring holder, a cylindrical holder for bangles and bracelets and so many more.

Concrete Coasters – This is a great idea and it’s the right time to make some autumn-themed coasters for your home. You can make them using moulds and make them in any shape. A circular, square, or even parallelogram-shaped coaster. Colour it as you like, paint little brown leaves on it, or make it ready for winter by painting snowflakes or using winter colours such as blue and white. You can even prepare them Christmas by painting them red and sketching tiny little mistletoe or even a Christmas tree.