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Around the world today, concrete is one of the major resources that is used for all types of construction. There are various reasons behind it, beginning with how flexible and versatile concrete is. Its properties make it one of the best options we have that can aid a large variety of construction works. Today we have large buildings, small homes, roads, bridges, pavements and so much more. Another major reason, beyond its versatility, that makes it majorly used for construction around the world is due to the easy availability of its components. Materials such as cement, sand, coarse aggregates such as pebbles, rocks or stones and finally water. These basic things make up for a simple and standard concrete mix. 

These materials are easily available around the world. They are also highly affordable to people from all walks of life. Concrete is used for professional construction as well as do-it-yourself projects. For small construction projects and home projects, a mix of on site concrete is used. It is available in small measures and is highly suitable for such small projects ensuring nothing gets wasted. For large projects, Ready Mix Concrete or Volumetric Concrete is preferred and used as they can provide large amounts of concrete in continuous supply. It is efficient and cost-effective. But today we are going to be learning about the various types of Mix On Site Concrete. Mix on site concrete is available in many types today, let us take a look at the different types and what is the best method for your project.

Traditional Mix On Site Concrete

In this method, each component of the required concrete mix is procured separately. The cement that is required is supplied by any concrete or cement supplier. This is provided in large sacks, it is mixed on the construction site. The construction managers procure the right quality and quantity of coarse aggregates and sand. This is mixed in the required mix ratio. This means the appropriate amount of water to cement to sand to aggregate that should be used to result in the right mixture. This is useful when smaller amounts of concrete mixes are required. 

How This Works:  

This type of mixed on site concrete is mixed at the site on cleared ground. This area is cleared and cleaned and prepared to mix concrete. It is mixed using shovels and is transferred to where needed. On the other hand, there are small manual mixer barrels wherein the same can be accomplished. This is also mixed and transported to where needed within the site. 

How And Where This Is Used: 

This is used when a smaller quantity is needed. Such as for domestic construction needs, floor screeds for smaller areas etc. This is also appropriate when there is no need for any admixtures in the concrete mix. 

Volumetric Concrete – A Modern Mix On Site Concrete

Volumetric Concrete is a modern method to mix concrete on site. First, let us begin by taking a look at what exactly is Volumetric Concrete.

Volumetric Concrete: 

This is a specialised truck that allows mixing concrete on site, without any hassle. A volumetric concrete truck is specially designed to mix concrete whenever and wherever needed. The truck is designed with different compartments that are designed to store the components of concrete until it is needed. These compartments are specially designed to provide the most appropriate environment in which to store them in the best conditions. 

Cement is stored in airtight compartments that protect it from water and humidity and keeps it fresh until it can be mixed. It also has a special compartment where admixtures are stored until needed. At the back of the truck is located the control area. From here the quantity and mix ratio can be controlled.

How This Works: 

The conveyor belt located in the truck transports the components to the mixing area. It is then automated and can be delivered to the spot at the required time instantly. Through the controls, the addition of admixtures is controlled precisely too. The truck holds a simple concrete pump, which can help deposit concrete to precise locations without any hassle. 

How And Where It Can Be Used: 

Volumetric Concrete is one of the best Mix On Site Concrete we have in modern times. This method is highly useful when the construction or project does not have a clear schedule. Premixing the concrete may lead to it drying out too soon and ruin its quality. In such cases, it is beneficial to have a volumetric concrete mixer on site so that it can be mixed as soon as it is needed on the site. 

Moreover, this type of Mix On Site Concrete is suitable for large projects. It allows the mixing of large quantities of concrete at once and as soon as it is needed. Moreover, different varieties or types of mixes can be made as needed at an instant and used for construction.

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