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Upgrade Your Floors with Pro-Mix Concrete’s Quality Floor Screed

Are you looking for the ideal Screed provider solution to make your floors flawlessly levelled in addition to being strong? Pro-Mix Concrete is your best bet for all concrete solutions, especially for floor screed. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we are your reliable partner in achieving pristine floors that last the test of time.

What is Floor Screed?

It is an essential layer of material laid over concrete flooring that helps create a smooth, level, and even surface for different floor finishes. It serves to:

  • Strengthen the floor's structural integrity

  • Improve insulation

  • Offer a solid foundation for tiles, wood, or other flooring materials Further, floor screeding can incorporate underfloor heating systems.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart!

Pro-Mix Concrete has seen a spectacular 20-year journey in the concrete sector and has become one of the top floor screed suppliers. Our vast experience is more than just a number; it is a symbol of our commitment to excellence in service. 

We have built a solid reputation for dependability, quality, and affordability in Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire over the years.


Why Are We The Ideal Floor Screed Suppliers?

Here are some reasons why Pro-Mix Concrete is the best option for all of your project’s floor screeding ventures:

Extensive Range of Screed Solutions: We provide a wide variety of alternatives as we recognize that each job is unique. Whether it’s for a large-scale commercial development or a refurbishment of a private home, we provide customization options, too. 

Precision Screed Pumping: Our premier concrete screed pumping services save you time and effort through the precise placement of flowing screed. You can more effectively manage your projects with Pro-Mix Concrete, keeping them on schedule and within your financial boundaries.

Expert Quality: When you choose Pro-Mix Concrete, you are selecting a floor screed with exceptional durability, strength, and finish. Our screeds are built to last, resulting in floors that are not only resilient but also aesthetically approving of all.

Concrete Mix For Floors Choosing the Correct Screed!

Pro-Mix Concrete provides Floor Screed specialist advice to assist you in making an informed decision. Here’s how we help you select the ideal screed concrete mix for floors Expert ConsultationsOur Floor Screed Specialists will collaborate closely with you to comprehend the situation while recommending the best screed mix. We keep in mind elements including the type of floor, load, and underfloor heating. Cost-Effective Choices Contact the best floor screed supplier today! When it comes to your floors, don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Trust the pioneers of accuracy and quality, Pro-Mix Concrete, for all of your concrete screeding needs.

Firstly, make sure that the floor is clean and clear of any dust. Now, apply a primer to the floor to facilitate adhesion. To control moisture, place a damp-proof membrane followed by a leveling compound for a smooth surface. 

Start by creating guide rails. After that, pour and spread the screed mixture uniformly. For a perfect, polished finish, use a screed board to level the surface.

While drying durations can vary, typically 24-48 hours of curing time is needed for every centimeter of screed thickness. Additionally, variables like temperature and humidity also affect the outcome.

Screed is ideal for floors rather than simple concrete because it develops a much smoother surface. Also, it has superior thermal conductivity, dries more quickly, and is thinner than concrete.

Standard mixtures include cement, sand, and water, although the percentages change depending on the project’s niche. However, consult with Floor Screed Specialists to estimate the precise mix that meets your floor’s provisions.

Generally, costs depend on factors like thickness, area, and screed type. On average, expect to invest around £15-20 / square meter.