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To calculate your concrete need, you can find many concrete calculators where you just have to enter values defining your construction area’s length, height, breadth etc. and you get the needed concrete amount in numbers. For this you can click here

and get accurate and precise calculations. It should also be kept in mind that deviations from the exact area of fields can cause variation in the calculation, but “Pro-mix Concrete” calculator takes care of such adjustments and tells you plus, minus values for contingency planning. However, there are much more things you should keep in mind while estimating your concrete needs other than using the calculator. Some of which are elaborated below, so you leave no room for errors or misinterpretations. 

Area dimensions must be measured keenly

Calculating the concrete is a secondary thing, you must know the primary one and that is calculating the area of the field under construction. This includes; length, breadth, height, space, where you want to pour your ready-mix concrete. You must also be careful about which scale of measurement you will use for each area. It is plausible to use a single scale for all the areas, so you do not get confused while making the final calculations. It can be; meters, centimeters, inches, feet etc. You just have to keep in mind that whatever you choose for the first, choose it for the last one also. 

Entering values without an error

Making proper notes neatly while taking the measurement is essential. You should not try to memorize the values as they can get mixed up. We are not asking you to do the math but to jot down the entries before you put them in the calculator and recheck them at least twice to remove any inconsistencies or errors. The concrete calculator provided by Pro-Mix Concrete also lets you select the type of your concrete area such as; patio, footings, slabs etc. Enter in the values carefully and individually for each area and you will get precise answers to your calculation questions. You can also set the scale for the answer rather than converting the scale into another after getting the calculation values. 

After getting the calculations

Pro-mix concrete gives you a free quote after you get the concrete calculations. Calculating cost is the next step to match your budget with your concrete requirements. They will also tell you the delivery costs and after getting a quote you have all the chances to reconsider because they do not coerce you to make a purchase. It is all up to you. Also, after placing an order you can make alterations in the ordered quantity of concrete, they do not charge for that at all. Your concrete amount can be adjusted without causing you any trouble. So, don’t pay for what you do not have to use. You can also hire mixers to get your concrete on site, so nothing goes to waste and you get what you need. 

Know the formulae

How much concrete do you need is an imperative while working on a construction site or for renovating your place. Apart from the calculators, you must also know the formula for how the calculation is done. Let’s have a short look on it: 

Have an estimate of consistency and cohesiveness of the concrete you need and then:

  • You must have estimates of areas to be covered by concrete
  • Calculate the area; (length x breadth) 
  • Best you work in sq ft. So, if any calculation is in inches or yards convert it. 
  • Calculate ft3 by; ft x sq 
  • For yards conversion, use the value 0.037 for multiplication 
  • You know the volume formula also (l x b x h) 

It may also come to your mind that ordering bags or sacks of concrete is better than ordering a specific amount of concrete. Actually, it is not true. When it comes to larger construction projects calculating concrete is beneficial than calculating bags. However, for domestic and small ones, any one of the methods would do. However, buying concrete is a whole process you must be careful about because mostly budgets are confined to a specific limit and you cannot overdo them. For a smart purchase you must keep all of these points in mind and must follow them step by step. So, they do not put a strain on your budgets and your whole project goes on smoothly. For concrete mixers or pumps or other related equipment, you can also go to Ready-mix concrete’s website and ask for a FREE quote. They will provide you with expert suggestions and advice and will work out all the costs and constraints with you to get you the best deal possible and fulfil your concrete needs in an optimal way. 

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