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Are you planning to lay a shed for your garden or backyard? You have just landed on the right page for that. Ready-mix concrete is the perfect option to lay the base for such sheds in your front or backyard. You need to start by following these very important tips:

  • Marking the land where you are going to dig in, so you can pour the concrete. Make sure you leave some extra room other than the initial markings so that you can build an edge around that base area.
  • You also need to be sure that all the four corners are 90°.
  • The area you leave around the markings will be used to hold the poured-out concrete, which is still in the process of drying, to rest and settle in place. You can use a string for markings.

The next step after you have made the markings is to make a sub-base and also remove all the material in the space; plants and roots, weeds and stones, debris, etc.

Building a wooden formwork:

You need to take wooden planks to make a mould or formwork which will give proper shape to the concrete you are going to pour in. It will level the slab after it is dried. Also, mark at least 1-meter space with the help of pegs to give support to the wooden mould you have built. This will keep the formwork in place so that it doesn’t shake or slip when you pour out the concrete. Make sure there are no gaps left in the water-proof sheet you made and if you find any, use sand to fill it. The wooden formwork will then be ready for the concrete.

Pour the concrete and level it simultaneously. If you wait a bit more than an hour, it will start drying. Also, you need to make sure everything of the initial framework is in place before you call for ready-mix concrete. You can also ask the experts for details about the shed base.

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If you don’t know how to take measurements and make calculations, you can try out our calculator, so you don’t over-order or under-order and get it right the first time. If you need a concrete pump, you can also hire one from Pro-mix concrete.

Laying down concrete:

You need to keep the ratio 5:1, or as suggested by the expert, where 5 parts are for the aggregate (stones, sand, etc.) and 1 is cement. It is usually the perfect ratio taken for a shed’s base. However, it can be altered if your shed is heavy.

Making sure you are safe:

Safety during any construction work should be your top-notch priority. You should wear gloves, so the concrete or aggregates do not cut through your skin. Safety goggles are also a must. To prevent any hazardous situation, go through precautionary measures before starting the project.

After you pour the concrete, use a flat-surfaced tool or a shovel to even out the bumps and air holes in the concrete. You can ask a friend to help you out with this and if you want a job done professionally, contact Pro-mix Concrete.

After the setting job is done, let the concrete rest for 24-48 hours. This is necessary to avoid any marks or imprints on the wet concrete. Also, when you leave the set mixture overnight, try to cover it with sheets of plastic and within a week, you can remove the mould or formwork and your shed base will be ready.

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