Looking for the best Concrete Mix Ratio in UK?

Looking for the Best Concrete Mix Ratio in the UK?

Ready to start a new project? Worried about the raw materials checklist? Pro-Mix is there to help. From supplying all the concrete raw materials and concrete-related products, we are known for providing quality materials and services. Concrete is a mixed material that is made of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time.

A building is incomplete without concrete. There are different purposes for concrete. C25 is commonly used as a foundation concrete mix(footings) when pouring foundations. Moreover, there is a range of concrete kinds we are providing. Additionally, we are providing concrete pumps as well. So, contact us today and get a free quote. We can answer all your queries. Client satisfaction is our priority. Here is a list of types of concrete we are offering. We are offering a wide variety of concrete.

Uses of concrete:

Concrete can be used for a wide range of applications. Its structure, however, must be determined by its purpose. The structure specifies the component percentage composition. In general, they all contain cement, water, and some sand and stone mixture. Concrete, for example, can be used for foundations, floors, and walls, among other things.

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials, owing to its fire resistance and ability to increase in strength over time. With these features, you can be certain of one thing: if you build your structure with concrete, it will last a long time.

Commercial concrete mix what do we offer?

Commercial concrete can be defined as concrete used to enhance the structure of the whole building or infrastructure. It can be considered the foundation of any project. These projects may include buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and laundry houses. So, Here is a list of commercial concrete we are offering:

C7/8 concrete:

This is most likely the most common and versatile concrete type available. Its applications range from strictly commercial to domestic, such as foundations and garden patios. It is used for kerbing, cavity filling, and domestic foundations.

The 28-day myth is a popular myth. We believe this is a misnomer because the myth is not so mythical after all. It depicts the widely held belief among construction engineers that concrete takes 28 days to cure and reach 100% strength. This myth is followed by C7 concrete. C7 has very less cement content. In concrete mixing, cement content is related to the strength of the concrete.

C10 concrete:

This is another type of concrete that is made up of a versatile concrete mixture. It is used for construction and other projects just like C7. The C10 also has low cement values, but when compared to C7, it is higher. This is why its strength reaches a maximum of 10N after 28 days. This type of concrete is used for Floor blinding, drainage, and trench filling as well.

C15 concrete:

When there are no instilled metal surfaces on the floor, this type of concrete is best suitable. It is used most especially for bare floor finishes. Overall, when such kind of concrete is used, then specific materials like tiles or materials for floor finishing are not needed. C15 is itself smooth enough to serve the purpose. It has greater strength than C10. Therefore, it is used in processes such as paving, pathways, and step foundation.

C20 concrete:

Building depends upon the type of land. If the land is good i.e. foundation, it means that the material is good. However, in cases where the land is not stable and smooth, C20 concrete is used. Pro-Mix offers quality C20 concrete as well. In order to improve stability, this type of concrete is most recommended. It can be used in developing foundations, extensions, and garage bases as well.

C25 concrete:

When it comes to strength and higher cement content, C25 is designed to get into compressive strength. It is made with a ratio of 1:2.5:3.5. This means for one sack of cement, 5 headpans of sand are added, and 7 headpans of granite. It is strong and durable. It is also used in the construction of roads and buildings. Moreover, we are best at providing standard concrete.

C30 concrete:

We are offering C30 concrete as well. This contains medium cement, like the C25. It has a higher strength. Sometimes, it is used with PAV1 concrete, which is used for pavements. Its admixture protects the concrete mix at a freezing temperature. It is used for Pavings, foundations, and reinforced hard standings.

C35 concrete:

Sharing the same properties as the PAV2, their names are often interchanged. The C35 concrete is used when the strength is a factor of concrete application. Due to its high cement content, the C35 is essential for the pillars in a building. Majorly PAV2 is used for paving.

Additionally, it allows an air entertainment admixture that helps to protect the concrete surface during cold weather. It is important to prevent the freezing of concrete as well. Moreover, accidents that may occur as a result of a wrong structure are also avoided. Due to its strength, C35 can be used for pillars, reinforcements, and slabbing for surfaces of heavy transportation services.

C40 concrete:

We offer C40 concrete as well. It depends on your requirements. For greater strength, C40 is required. We offer good-quality concrete that will serve the best for tank foundations and paving purposes.

Domestic concrete types:

Need concrete for domestic purposes? We are here too. At Pro-Mix all kinds of concrete for side extensions, paving, driveways, etc are found too. Here is a list of domestic concrete provided.

Ready-mix concrete: One of the most commonly produced concrete types is ready-mix concrete. They are not made at the site needed. They are formed at a plant and then supplied to the traditional drum mixer. Basement builds and site works are ready-mix concrete uses.

Volumetric concrete: Volumetric concrete involves the use of a volumetric mixer. The concrete is made at the building site, where the design can be mixed easily. For this, the requirement is that the site must be large enough.

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Given the details of all the kinds of concrete we offer, Pro-Mix has years of experience in the UK as the best concrete supplier. We have a good reputation and can get things done in time as customer satisfaction is our priority.