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Contents and process of ready mix concrete Beckenham

The testing and monitoring of ready mix concrete

Cement, sand, clay, water and other aggregates, weighed in a batch, made into a premium quality ready mix concrete Beckenham by our experts having years of working experience is provided to our clients. Our special transit mixers are then used to carry the concrete to your working place. Our machines monitor how the mixture is batched, converted into the specified ratio with moistures and admixtures before the concrete reaches out precious clients. 

The quality and the physical characteristics of the ready mix concrete goes through many tests in our laboratories which are well equipped with high tech and advanced machineries and all batches conform to one another based on standard coding which are applied internationally so no batch differs from any other as we believe that quality is based on consistency.

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Sampling for the right quality and quantity

The water when infused with the mixture is checked many times so the right proportion is given into the mixture. We carry out trials by taking out small samples of the ingredients and mix them as the clients have mentioned and after the samples are approved by our experts we go for the required quantity. The ready mix concrete we sell and bought by customers is measured in volume and is always fresh to fit in the molds of your building under construction.

Our supply chain’s objective:

Our clients always prefer ready mix concrete Beckenham as it is more flexible and precise at the same time. When the mixture is supplied there are no chances of confusion left. Our supply chains always strive to reduce the lead times when the client places the ready mix concrete order and when we deliver it to our clients.