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Are you looking for options to upgrade your home or the building you live in? Extending or converting your place will require construction either on a small scale or a large one. This construction, whether it is for a front or back yard, a garage addition, an outhouse or hut construction or for the building you work in, in the form of renovation, structure conversions etc., will require concrete and that too a quality one. We, at Pro-mix Concrete, provide you with the highest quality ready mix concrete Chelsea.

Choice of customers

When it comes to buy any type of concrete, clients and customers rely on us and consider us their one stop concrete shop. We have years of experience in dealing with all types of concrete mixtures and from 15 years we have been the ultimate choice of contractors for the supply of custom mixes, ready mixes and pro mixes. Clients opt our concrete products because of them being light in weight, water and shockproof and free of any damage possibilities.

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Innovation by us

We serve our customers by being innovative in every way, whether it be training of our staff, our concrete mixtures or the way we provide solution to the customers’ queries. We train our staff to be friendly, smart advisor and empathetic in treating the clients, especially to those who are new buyers or first time buyers.

Quick delivery

Our supply of ready mix concrete Chelsea is quick in delivery, easy to handle and very affordable. We do not make excuses to reach to faraway places or places which have tough routes to reach to. You can always trust us when it comes to any type of supply for concrete mixtures and we will never disappoint you.