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The strength and other properties of ready mix concrete Clapham

Ready mix concrete Clapham is made as the specs mentioned by our customers in a batching process and for an immediate use it is delivered quick to the site of construction. The parts of water, aggregates and cement are put according to the directions of the clients and the mixture is produced off site by us. This concrete is then sent to your construction site at very affordable range of prices. However, we are often asked a question by our clients that will the concrete, on drying, get strength? We explain this to you in detail:

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The drying of concrete and its strength:

Concrete when mixed with water goes through hydration. This chemical reaction occurs when water and the ingredients of cement react together. So, it is not right to say exactly that the concrete gains strength when it dries. The process of hydration takes almost a month or safely said, 28 days to stay properly. Small other reactions due to changing weather can take months or years for completing hydration but they do not have much a say in the strengthening of the ready mix concrete. So, it is the opposite of the asked question, the more the ready mix concrete dries out the lower it goes on the strength scale.

Some other plus points of ready mix concrete Clapham

  • A smooth finish is always guaranteed when ready mix concrete is applied. Our clients can also get bags of the mixture and then add water when needed.
  • The finishes can be made of different kinds depending on how you want it because of the flexible nature of ready mix concrete.
  • For projects like farms, industrial and bridges, special kind of concrete is made by Pro-mix Concrete.