We take pride in our tailored products suitable for specific needs of our customer, made with most reliable materials catering both domestic and commercial projects. Being established in the concrete and concrete pumping industry for 20 years, we accommodate home projects, renovation and improvements to commercial, industrial and other construction projects. Our focus is to provide good customer care service along with good quality concrete, which has helped us foster long-term customer relationship. Understanding the value of your money and limited time, we aim to provide you the best quality in minimum time. Whether you want to save your money or time, Pro-mix concrete is best for both. One of our successful product, ready mix concrete west London reduces the cost of transportation, cost of bags, renting mixture machine and the cost of labor for mixing. Cherry on the top, it also guarantees you good quality with consistency.

Best Ready Mix Concrete West London

We have a huge network of mix concrete plants in all areas of west London for speedy reliable delivery and best cutting-edge volumetric trucks for the timely execution of all types of projects.

Pro-Mix The Better Choice

The ready mix concrete trucks are famous for meeting tight timelines, easing the stress of project completion with better concrete, safety and use of material. Here’s why we are different.

  • Thriving for innovation
  • Customizing according to customer needs
  • Cooperation at all levels
  • Succeeding with cost reduction
  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Abiding by our concrete values

The Right Mix

The pro mix concrete is prepared in a batching plant in a huge quantity. The plant has the capacity and capability of producing different grades and strengths of ready-mix concrete with the same quality and consistency. The diversified range of concrete contains waterproof concrete, 1 to 4 floors creed with fibers, liquid screed and other grades of readymade concrete complying with British standards. Our customer service will provide all information related to the quantity required which can also be estimated through our calculator.

Why Choose Us?

Value Of Time

We recognize the importance of each second and we completely understand how a slightest offset in timing can ruin the whole batch. Knowing the dynamics of concrete we don’t let it sit for too long as it will start to harden up and chemicals need to be added to slow the hardening process

On Time And On Budget

We are specialist ready mix concrete west London provider in all size range and we are well aware about the unique challenges that customers face when pouring concrete. Thus we are always ready with innovative solutions and a friendly knowledgeable team that helps to deliver the project on time and on budget

Constant Innovation

We have the best latest technological advances to bring you better methods for concrete mixing and delivery such as Volumetric Mixer Trucks and truck operators with tablet interfaces.


We are always open to changing mix design and adding additives on demand. We value our customer whether small or large and their right demand for ready mix concrete west London is what matters to us.