Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete: Everything You Should Know About This Premixed Concrete

The premixed concrete we’re going to see today is Ready Mix Concrete. It is a popular type of concrete used in construction around the world. Ready Mix Concrete, if it is not clear enough from the name, is concrete that is mixed before delivery. There are various types of concrete today. These can be classified by their mix design, delivery types, admixtures as well as strength.

Ready Mix Concrete is a great choice for commercial as well as domestic construction. We know because we are Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers In Chelsea. As such, we’ve seen the various uses and most important benefits of Ready Mix Concrete.  Today we would like to use our extensive experience to help you understand what is this premixed concrete and how you can benefit from it.

While the choice ultimately is yours and you can choose according to the project you have at hand. Still, it is always useful to know your options and understand them before you make a decision, this way you can be sure to choose the best possible option in front of you. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Taking A Look: Ready Mix Concrete & What You Need To Know

Ready Mix Concrete has become the most commonly used term when speaking about premixed concrete. This type of concrete is mixed in batching plants rather than mixing it on the construction site. Concrete batching plants are computerised and automated factories where concrete is mixed

The ingredients or components such as cement, sand, water, and aggregates are measured precisely and mixed. It is mixed under supervision and is fully automated and machine-controlled. This ensures that it is mixed to perfection and that the quantity, quality, standards, and mix design requirements can be met.

You do not need to trust it as is, the supplier will always provide a slump test when you need it. This is a great way to make sure that you are getting exactly what you wanted. Either way, Ready Mix Concrete is well known for producing the most accurate concrete mix that you will need for your site.

Concrete Batch Plants are located outside of city limits in most countries. This is due to many reasons. Most countries have regulated industries and have them set up outside cities. Secondly, batching plants can be large factories depending on the brand, so they need more space which is often only available outside of cities.

Batching plants contain large silo-like contraptions that are connected to the mixer. The required ingredient is measured and bought to be missed through the conveyor belt. It is then mixed and loaded into Ready Mix Concrete Trucks.

These trucks are specialised to guarantee the freshness of the concrete until it is delivered. This is ensured by keeping the mix agitated during transit from the batching plant to the construction site. The truck is equipped with a special barrel that can be kept in constant rotation, which throws around the concrete mix inside and delays hardening and setting.

This truck can also be used to directly deposit the mixed concrete where it is needed. As the barrel can be tilted and the spiralling blade inside of the barrel works to push the concrete mix outside. If case the site is difficult to access for such a large truck, then a concrete pump is a great option. A boom pump or ground line pump can be very useful.

Benefits Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Many of the benefits of Ready Mix Concrete in construction. While many of the benefits are quite obvious above, let’s outline them for easy perusal. So here we go.

  • Saving Space – With Mix On-Site concrete, space is required to mix it. This means clearing a space in a busy site and moving around equipment, tools, and other raw materials. This is a hassle that can be easily avoided with Ready Mix Concrete. Ready Mix Concrete does not require any space on the site at all. It is mixed in a factory and bought into the site ready to be used. This can save the space that needs to be created for mixing concrete.
  • Save Labour – This is one of the major benefits of Ready Mix Concrete. Mixing concrete is a laborious job. It involves multiple workers mixing away at the concrete until it is mixed thoroughly and ready to be used. This often means construction will hire additional employees during this portion of the construction. With Ready Mix Concrete, this is eliminated as the concrete comes ready to be used.
  • Save Cost – Ready Mix Concrete saves cost in 2 ways. The first is by reducing the labour force, as mentioned in the above example. Secondly, you can measure and order precisely what you need. This removes the risk of ordering extra concrete as a backup. Since adding fresh concrete to fully dried or partially dried concrete will weaken the structure due to cold joints, many people order beyond their needs. We have on our website a concrete calculator to check exactly how much you need. You can then order the exact quantity you need and save the cost of extra concrete while also avoiding cold joints.
  • Tidy Workplace – Not only does mixing concrete take up space, labour force, and a lot of money, but it is also very messy. Although space can be cleared on site, it will still leave it messy when the concrete is used up. On the other hand, when you get concrete that is already mixed and will be delivered ready to use, you can keep the workplace clean. The area in which concrete is mixed often leaves the area with small bumps and areas of dried-up, uneven concrete. The Ready Mix Concrete trucks can deliver the concrete where it is needed.
  • Environmental Friendly – The use of ready-mix concrete has a constructive environmental impact. First off, as it is produced and distributed locally, RMC reduces its carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation distances and associated emissions. Secondly, the production of ready-mix concrete frequently uses cutting-edge technologies to increase energy efficiency. Coming to the third point, it improves measurement accuracy and lessens material waste, resulting in effective resource use. Last but not least, the resilience and lifespan of this concrete support green building techniques by lowering the frequency of repairs and replacements.

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