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Ready Mixed Concrete

ready mixed concrete

Your money is of great value and so is your time. That is why we are being customer-centric, are always in a search to find new modes and means to accommodate you with the best possible solutions in the shape of ready mixed concrete to save your time and money. 


The Solution To Every Problem – Ready Mix Concrete


We appreciate the need for money and lack of resources, which is why our goal is to deliver you the highest service in the shortest possible period. If you’re looking to save time or money does not matter, Pro-mix Concrete will be the best for all of you in giving you ready mix concrete solutions. Not only can it save the money but it also reduces the expense of shipping the bags, securing a container and recruiting staff to do the mixing. If not any of that, it also guarantees you reliably high efficiency.


Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.

Ready mix concrete is packed on a large mass in a batching factory. The factory is capable of manufacturing multiple types and strengths of mix concrete and still maintains the same quality and consistency. 

High Quality Ready Mixed Concrete

We invest heavily in our custom-made items reasonable for explicit requirements of our client, made with most solid materials for providing this service for both local and business ventures. We are being set up in the rugged and cement siphoning industry for a long time. Also, we are indulged in home tasks, remodeling and upgrades to business, modern and other development ventures. Our center is to furnish good client care administration alongside excellent quality solid ready mixed material, which has helped us encourage long haul client relationship. Understanding the estimation of your cash and constrained time, we plan to give you the best quality in the least time. Regardless of whether you need to set aside your money or time, Pro-mix concrete’s ready mixed concrete is best for both. One of our very economical and successful item, ready mixed concrete decreases the expense of transportation, cost of bundling, leasing blend machine and the expense of labour for preparing the mixture. Excellent quality along with consistency is a plus here as well.

A Socially Responsible Company

In London, several builders tend to prefer ready mixed concrete. We have been supplying the facilities of distributing ready mix concrete throughout London with precise and correct calculation and the ratio of the aggregate and mixture virtually for many years. To provide good consistency or ready mix concrete is made ready for use under situations and conditions that are supervised and managed very closely. This ready-to-use mix concrete alternative offers an advantage in saving cement usage as additional mixtures are used. We help you save 10 percent of cement usage and thereby save costs with accurate calculations and careful material handling.

Ready Mixed Concrete

We Rule The Hearts Of  Builders In London 

The ready concrete mix ratio can be modified and adapted to match the requirement and need of the project being under construction. If you prefer on-site grinding, it can help reduce the spreading of the dust and thereby save the use of cement. The many UK and worldwide contractors make use of this alternative to be environmentally conscious and to conserve unnecessary energy usage as well as saving the money when any building project is underway. 

Why Choose Us?

You will never hesitate to choose us because of the solid and durable reasons below for choosing us

  • We have good quality ready-made mix and durable concrete
  • We have a broad range of methods. 
  • Our methods are environmentally sustainable 
  • We aim to cut prices and conserve money 
  • We ensure accuracy 
  • We help you create sturdy buildings
  •  We help you save time and boost productivity 

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Ready Mixed Concrete

Pro-mix The Best Alternative

The ready-mix concrete trucks are famed for hitting tight schedules, loosening job execution tension with increased construction, protection and material use. 

Here’s why we are unlike others

  • Product process 
  • Compatibility in our clear principles
  • Customization according to consumer requirements 
  • Quality in cost control
  • Ensuring quality 
  • Partnership at all rates 

We Aim To Save Your Space

Storage is a big problem in every construction project no matter what type it is or how big or small it is. Raw materials need to be stored in a safe and sheltered space as construction is not a one day process. Therefore, it needs security from unforeseen circumstances, be it theft or weather changes. Therefore to avoid this worry, ready to use mix concrete is the best solution here for all the contractors. If you are in search of best mix concrete solutions, then Pro-Mix Concrete is the best choice so far.

Cost-Effective Option

If you go with on-site concrete mixing that there will be two additional tasks here which you will not find in ready to use a concrete mix. One is the labour required to mix the concrete. And the other one is the transportation of raw materials. Also, on-site mixing can lead to dust-pollution, additional waste and machinery, mishandling of the materials and equipment. Therefore ready mixed concrete is the cost-effective answer all avoid all such problems.

Try our concrete calculator >>

Use our concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing.