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Ready mixed screed

Ready mixed screed:

If you are planning to install an under the floor heating system, whether it’s the construction of your new home or you are in the process of renovation and remodeling, you will need a Ready mixed screed to cover the whole surface. One of the very best advantages of using screed is the even distribution of heat from the under the floor heating system. PRO-MIX CONCRETE specializes in all types of concrete services, so if you are in a need of Ready mix screed supplier, contact us and guide you through for detailed information.

How much screed to use

One of the most important things before ordering Ready mixed screed is the accurate quantity you will have to measure which is required for your construction project. The correct thickness of the screed will have a significant effect on the under the floor heating system. Taking the expert advice from a professional will ensure the accuracy how much screed to use, no matter for what project. If you are in a need of Ready mix screed supplier, services then contact PRO-MIX CONCRETE.

The Difference Liquid Screed and Ready mix Concrete

Although ready mix concrete and liquid screed usually have almost the same elements when they are made but still they are totally different from each other in the texture and the way they are been used for different projects. The basic and the very main components are the same, but the aggregates which are being added later gives the Ready mixed screed the more flowing and running consistency, unlike the ready mix concrete where additives are added to have more strength and durability for the construction purposes. With the liquid screen, the end result will give you a smoother and even finish of the floors without any bumps and lumps. If you want to inquire regarding our Ready mix screed supplier, services you can contact us anytime.

PRO-MIX CONCRETE is among the leading ready mix concrete companies delivering the services in most of the areas of London. No matter what your project needs are whether for a small DIY project or for a commercial construction project; our team of experts and professional can help you with your specific requirements. Our unique blends and components of our ready mix concrete and ready mix screed, with customizable changes according to the construction project, have enabled us every time to delivery exactly according to the needs of our clients with exceptional quality. Whether you need a little or lot our team can deliver it to your door step or your construction site. Our team at PRO-MIX CONCRETE has years of expertise and knowledge of their job which has enabled them to provide insight and the assistance to complete your project with excellent results.

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