Ready mix concrete

Why Should You Use Ready Mix Concrete For Any Construction Project?

Concrete is essential in the construction industry, serving as the backbone of countless structures worldwide. From towering skyscrapers to intricate bridges, concrete forms the foundation upon which these structures are built. Its significance lies in its ability to provide building strength, stability, and longevity. But concrete, too, has evolved! 

Ready mix concrete (RMC) is a revolutionary concept that transformed the construction industry. RMC refers to concrete manufactured in a centralized plant and transported to the construction site. Also, it is precisely mixed to meet the project’s specific requirements. Due to this nature, it has numerous benefits over traditional on-site concrete mixing, making it a preferred choice.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete, or ready-to-use concrete mix, is a pre-mixed and standardized construction material. It comprises cement, aggregates (sand, gravel, or crushed stone), water, and additives. The efficient workers carefully mix the concrete at a batching plant, creating a consistent, high-quality product ready. For immediate use at construction sites.

Further, three types of ready-mix concrete are created based on the materials used during the mixing process.

Transit mixed concrete

Also known as truck-mixed concrete, it involves batching materials at a central plant and thoroughly mixing them in the truck while in transit. This method separates water from the cement and aggregate, and the final mixture is mixed on-site. Besides, it helps avoid issues like premature hardening and slump loss.

Shrink-mixed concrete

Shrink-mixed concrete increases the truck’s load capacity by partially mixing the concrete at the plant to reduce its volume. The remaining blending is completed either during transit or at the worksite.

Central-mixed concrete

It is also referred to as the central batching plant and involves thoroughly mixing the concrete before loading it into the truck mixer. Further, these plants are also known as wet batch or pre-mix plants.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance

Ready mix concrete suppliers employ stringent quality control measures. From selecting raw materials to the final delivery, your suppliers will carefully watch every last step to maintain high standards. The suppliers source the elements from trusted contacts who meet the required specifications. Moreover, these raw materials undergo rigorous testing in specialized laboratories to meet the required quality standards.

Additionally, the batching plants have advanced types of machinery that accurately proportion the ingredients, resulting in a precise mix design.

Using consistent, pre-tested concrete guarantees benefits in construction projects:

  • The reliance on ready-mix concrete eliminates the uncertainties associated with on-site mixing. 
  • Each batch has the needed strength, workability, and other performance parameters. 
  • Also, minimizes the risk of structural issues or failures.

Moreover, the mix often has durability-enhancing additives for greater resistance against moisture, chemical attacks, and freeze-thaw cycles. Plus, consistent mix designs and standardized production processes guarantee uniformity throughout the project, preventing variations in strength or appearance. 

Ready mix concrete suppliers prioritize quality control to alleviate concerns and provide reliable, high-performance construction material.

Time and Cost Efficiency With Ready Mix Concrete

On-site mixing requires skilled workers to handle the preparation and mixing of concrete with the added use of specialized equipment. RMC has eliminated the need for on-site mixing, reducing labour and equipment costs. With ready-mix concrete, they already prepared the concrete at a centralized plant. It translates into cost savings for construction projects.

The convenience of having it delivered directly to the construction site is another notable benefit. No need to coordinate the procurement of raw materials and set up mixing equipment. Getting it is as simple as the construction teams simply placing an order for the required amount of ready-mix concrete. Besides, it streamlines the construction process and saves valuable time.

Environmental Considerations With Eco-Ready Mix

It minimizes the potential for excess material and waste on construction sites. 

On-site mixing often results in leftover concrete that goes unused and becomes waste. However, as explained above, the ready mix doesn’t work that way. Also, this reduction in waste helps conserve natural resources and promotes sustainable construction practices.

Ready mix concrete suppliers actively adhere to sustainable practices, incorporating recycled materials. In the production process, these suppliers prioritize using recycled aggregates, such as crushed concrete or reclaimed asphalt. Utilizing these recycled materials, there is a notably lower demand for virgin aggregates. The result? Less environmental impact associated with their extraction. Additionally, these concrete suppliers employ efficient batching plants and modern equipment that cut down energy consumption.

Using ready-mix concrete can also contribute to earning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification points. This is a rating system for environmentally sustainable construction. 

Minimizing Construction Risks

On-site concrete mixing comes with potential hazards, including:

  • Improper ratios 
  • Inconsistent quality

When mixing concrete on-site, there is a higher likelihood of human error in measuring the ingredients. Inconsistent mixing can also occur, resulting in variations in its characteristics throughout the project. Moreover, these risks can undermine the structural integrity of the construction and increase the chances of costly rework. Ready-mix concrete mitigates these. 

Further, construction teams can have confidence in the reliability of the product. 

Stunning Versatility of Ready Mix Concrete

It exhibits fantastic versatility. Ready-mix concrete meets specific requirements for building foundations, floors, driveways, or other structures. Suppliers can adjust the mix design to achieve the characteristics necessary for different applications. 

Also, additives play a crucial role in enhancing specific properties of ready-mix concrete. For example, suppliers can also incorporate waterproofing additives that can be incorporated into the mix to improve the concrete’s resistance to moisture penetration. Further, it is particularly beneficial for structures such as: 

  • Basements, 
  • Swimming pools
  • Water tanks. 

Plus, additives accelerate the concrete curing process, decreasing the overall construction time. This is advantageous for projects with time constraints or when fast-track construction is required. Moreover, customization is a key advantage of ready-mix concrete. Contractors and builders can work closely with suppliers to determine the optimal mix design for their projects.

Ending Notes

Ready-mix concrete emerges as the go-to choice for construction projects, offering a host of advantages. 

With Pro-Mix Concrete, you can experience the convenience of:

  • Direct delivery
  • Customized mix designs
  • Eco-friendly solutions

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the ideal solution. Your future constructions deserve nothing less than the best, and Pro-Mix Concrete is here to deliver excellence every step of the way.