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Ready Mix Concrete or premixed concrete refers to concrete that is mixed in a batch plant. This concrete mix is delivered to the construction site ready to use. It is also often referred to as premixed concrete because it is mixed in a batching plant. The entire process is quite simple, the concrete mix design that is appropriate for the project at the construction site is communicated to the concrete supplier or batching plants. Along with this, the timing or schedule when the concrete mix will be required at the site and the volume required is informed to the supplier. At the batch plant, the desired mix of concrete mix design is made according to the schedule so that it can be delivered at the right time in a ready to use state. But this does not cover all the benefits of Ready Mix concrete in construction. Read on to find out more. 

Take a look at 5 Major Reasons How Ready Mix Concrete can Benefit Construction Sites:

  • There Is No Requirement Or Trouble In Order The Raw Materials

This is one of the major benefits as it saves time, and money and reduces other complications. In many construction sites, it is common for the construction engineers or even contractors to order raw materials for the concrete mix and mix it live on-site and mix it when it is needed. Now, this is a drawn-out process. To begin with, it requires a calculation of the total required volume of concrete for the project. Then the required amount of raw materials have to be calculated while keeping in the mind the appropriate ratio for the required mix design. Moreover, the raw materials have to be ordered before they are needed to avoid delays and mishaps. 

But using Ready Mix Concrete largely solves this problem. The Concrete Mix Design, schedule and amount required is simply delivered from the batching plants at the appropriate time and is ready to use as well. 

  • There Will Be No More Storage Issues 

Using Ready Mix Concrete for construction entirely clears the issue of storage. Seeing the above example, if a site prefers to mix the concrete on the site and therefore chooses to have the raw materials delivered to the site. The first issue is that it has to be ordered before time to allow for delays and mishaps. It also has to be ordered above how much is required to deal with accidents. And ingredients such as sand and cement and even coarse aggregates cannot be stored on-site. The first problem with this is that it is highly obstructive to the other works that take place on-site. It creates a  huge mess and that is not the only problem. Raw materials such as sand and cement should not be exposed to the weather for long. If the area is humid or there is rain, the materials become unusable. 

Because of this, finding a storage facility for these raw materials is required until they are needed. This is so that they can be stored safely away from the weather. But using Ready Mix Concrete can make this problem obsolete. The site workers will not have to worry about concrete until it is needed, and even then the concrete supplier will deliver precisely when it is needed. 

  • The Final Product Is Ready And Is Delivered Straight To The Site And Ready To Use

Ready Mix Concrete is prepared according to the information provided by the site and is delivered to the site according to the schedule provided by the site managers. This means that work at the site can continue without disruption and wasting of time or efforts on other things. The desired Concrete Mix Design is delivered straight to the site. This means that labour is not wasted running around and preparing for the concrete. Mixing the concrete on-site tends to be quite troublesome and this is avoided with Ready Mix Concrete. This is why it is highly important to appraise the concrete mix supplier with precise schedules and requirements. This makes it much easier to have the products delivered precisely in the mix design needed and as per the schedule of the site. 

  • Ready Mix Concrete Saves Time And Money

This is a major benefit in the field of construction. And so in the field of construction, there are often delays, mistakes and accidents that always incur extra costs. Most of these issues stem from concrete mixing on-site. Often procuring quality raw materials for creating concrete mixes can result in many mistakes. A construction site is not an appropriate place for mixing concrete. There is often not enough space available and highly likely quality equipment will be unavailable too. It also creates a huge mess and complicates the entire process. Moreover, when ordering raw materials, the cost of delivery and logistics and ultimately the hiring of equipment to mix the concrete can incur a lot of additional costs. But when going for Ready Mix Concrete, these additional costs can be saved. Add to this, it also saves the time and labour that will be spent on mixing and preparing the concrete. 

  • Putting An End To Concrete Wastage

The use of Ready Mix Concrete has been proven to minimise wastage of mixed concrete at sites. Ready Mix concrete is not prepared on-site, but rather in controlled environments. Batch plants, unlike construction sites, are automated completely and are also maintained with complete control. This way the construction site managers can inform the concrete supplier of the exact required concrete mix design and expect to get exactly that. There will be no mistakes as everything is controlled, measured precisely, and mixed with expertise. This ensures that overproduction, wrong design mix and underproduction are next to nil. With this, a major reason for the wastage of concrete is reduced on-site. 

To Conclude

The above are some main points to focus on how Ready Mix Concrete can be beneficial to construction. You can get your requirements met by a Ready Mix Specialist to save money, time, labour and various other benefits. Let us not forget, that Ready Mix Concrete also delivers the highest quality of concrete possible. As it is mixed in batch plants one can expect that the concrete mix they receive will be of the highest quality and perfectly workable and let us not forget – Ready to use. 

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